**WARNING** EVE does NOT work with M1 + macOS Monterey

Hello Dear EVE Mac users,

At this time, please do not plan to upgrade to macOS Monterey on you M1 based computer, as it will not work. I test the different available wine versions provided by CCP via the launcher and all ended in Ptah ram not launching.

When/If CCP adds support for the wine 6.* family, I will test again and update this post.

For now: please continue to use the 4.17 version: if that isn’t working on your M1, a recent patch from CCP may have been the cause, please delete your EVE folder found in application support and redownload the game (this worked for me, and I have only seen feed back of one person still mentioning issues afterwards, but the game runs)


Ugh :frowning:

Here’s hoping CCP releases the native macOS client they’ve been working on before Monterey releases.

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I actually opened a ticket with them. Maybe issues with MacOS Monterey compatibility will accelerate the deployment of the Mac-native client…

What they need to do - us update our wine version and let us test that out. As I have stated and can be read from WineHQ the 6.* adds M1 support.

Also, I did not say Monterey effects Intel machines running EVE as I am not stupid enough to upgrade to a beta OS on my main.

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I can confirm that the game starts with the latest update of Mac OS Monterey (12.0 beta).

MacBook Pro M1 8GB
Launcher: 1924823 6.5.9
Wine 4.17 (208)

Hello Allison’s,

Would that be the public beta 5?

Hi Amarisen,

No, I was able to play on “Tranquility”. I’ve tried it several times over the last few days but always got an error message. Then after the latest update of Mac OS Monterey I tried again with the same settings and I was able to connect.

when I press Control + F it doesn’t say “metal”.

Edit: Oh , you mean the Mac OS Beta not the Mac Native Client beta.

Yes its the Mac OS Monterey Beta 5 (21A5304g)

M1 Mac user here looking to get into the game after a very long break. Does not work for me, "launcher has closed unexpectedly "

Couple of things:

In the launcher preferences (command + , (comma)) find the settings that deal with wine and make sure you are running 4.17.

And my brain is dead on the rest.

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