**WARNING** EVE does NOT work with M1 + macOS Monterey

Hello Dear EVE Mac users,

At this time, please do not plan to upgrade to macOS Monterey on you M1 based computer, as it will not work. I test the different available wine versions provided by CCP via the launcher and all ended in Ptah ram not launching.

When/If CCP adds support for the wine 6.* family, I will test again and update this post.

For now: please continue to use the 4.17 version: if that isn’t working on your M1, a recent patch from CCP may have been the cause, please delete your EVE folder found in application support and redownload the game (this worked for me, and I have only seen feed back of one person still mentioning issues afterwards, but the game runs)


Ugh :frowning:

Here’s hoping CCP releases the native macOS client they’ve been working on before Monterey releases.

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I actually opened a ticket with them. Maybe issues with MacOS Monterey compatibility will accelerate the deployment of the Mac-native client…

What they need to do - us update our wine version and let us test that out. As I have stated and can be read from WineHQ the 6.* adds M1 support.

Also, I did not say Monterey effects Intel machines running EVE as I am not stupid enough to upgrade to a beta OS on my main.

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