Big Sur and/or M1 chip

Does anyone know if the EVE Mac client will work under the macOS Big Sur update that is coming out today? I’ve searched, and some folks say to go to Preferences in the Wine Client and choose the developer release, but I didn’t find a way to go to Preferences in the Wine client.

Also, will the EVE client work with the new M1 chips released by Apple?


You should see this while you are at the EVE Launcher.

After that, select the Use dev versions. I have been on this since Big Sur Beta 2 and has been serving me extremely well.

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To answer your question, Yes Eve Mac client works well with Big Sur, to iron out some WINE minor issues, consider running the dev versions.

EVE Client might not work with the new M1 CPU due to the lack of Aarch64/ARM64 support by WINE. For this we got to see if it will be able to run under the Rosetta 2 emulation.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

I know some guys in a local Apple reseller and they were testing different apps and games on one of the 13 inch MacBook Pros with the M1 chip. The EVE Launcher will run, but Wine will not at this point. Avoid buying a new Mac with an M1 chip if you are planning to play EVE on it.

I would always suggest double checking the EVE Technology and Research Center and vise versa when it comes to Mac and their issues.

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