Big Sur and/or M1 chip

New player here on m1, getting the client ‘closed unexpectedly’ error every time I try to launch the game… Looks like the wait continues till the devs figure this one out…

:D, I have the problem too, now I just wish native client could finish quickly.

@CCP_Caffeine Could we please have you all kindly update the wine versions in the preference section of the launcher to include the 6.. versions. From reading WineHQs site the 6.0.1 adds M1 support.


This +1

So i got EVE to work on my M1 laptop again with the 4.17 wine… I had to go into to Application Support and delete the EVE folder.

Launched the launcher and let it start downloading the game. changed the wine version to 4.17 . . . and it booted up. I had it on window mode and had to use the apple full screen button, but once it was full screen i had visuals.

I still cant get mine working enough to where it doesn’t randomly kernel panic and crash. Happens every 20 min or so on Wine. Is there any indication on when we might expect the native version to be released? I haven’t been keeping up on it- has there been any other news since the playtest?

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It is still always off. I don’t remember having any kernel panics, but I do know I was using a Alpha to help move stuff while I mined. Well over 20 minutes.

As I said, I deleted the whole EVE folder under (hold option) click the go button in the menu bar > library > application support > trash EVE Online. Install

I do suggest marking back ups of your overviews though.

What did exactly? I am having the same issue

Just delete eve online from the computer and re-install. The current client has some visual glitches, but it is stable. I have had 3 clients running at the same time on my mbp 13.

I played Eve the last few days on the iMac with M1 processor. Using Dev versions and Wine 5.7.
Since today I get the issue again, that the game client for … has closed unexpectedly. :frowning:

I’ve got it working now with this setting, on my iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021)

Retina on is okay, too.

What are people putting in Video Memory? I know Apple devices use unified memory but am unsure how to utilise this best.

There’s also this discussion thread, recommended by Eve online support.

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This solution worked in a MacBook Air, M1. Thanks!

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So, since nobody mentioned, how is the performance?

I was running EVE for the last few months like this but now since updating eve I can load the launcher but the game will not load up anyone else noticed this issue

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I have the same issue, I was running it as described before but now I can not start the game in any way on my M1 Mac.
Nothing change if I use the 208 wine option as before or if I use a vanilla installation.
Don’t know what to do or how to fix it. Can someone help?

The only way that I can get it to work is if I use CrossOver. It costs about 30 dollars to buy, which was annoying. That being said, the performance on my Mac Mini with two clients running using CrossOver is pretty spectacular and I am excited to see how well the native Mac client will perform.

Oh, because it is a BSD with a working GUI, as opposed to Linux :slight_smile: