macOS Big Sur and EVE - What's the Verdict?

Now that it’s officially released, does EVE support or at least run on macOS Big Sur? What is the experience from the community who have already taken the plunge?

Running for me fine asides from the wine64-preloader not quitting after the logging out of the game. However it can be quit from the dock easily.

@Igaze I have the same issue as well on macOS 10.15.7 so that’s not a deal breaker for me. Good to know that the current EVE client is still working though. Thanks for being in the vanguard. Fly Safe

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Well, I updated to Big Sur three days ago. Today, I fired up EVE, and was told there’s an update. Told it to go ahead and download the update. As usual, the update didn’t take. So I did what I’ve been doing for the last several months: went to the EVE website and downloaded the latest version. Now Big Sur tells me I can’t run this application because apple can’t check it for malicious software, and I should tell the developer the software needs to be updated. Consider yourself notified. At this point, I’ll check back in a day or two, and if I still can’t run EVE, I’ll cancel all five of my subs.

That might just be your “gatekeeper” doing what is suppose to do. You can always Control-click the app in the applications folder and then tell it to open to override gatekeeper.

On the day I started this thread, control-clicking to start the app didn’t work. The next day it did. I would have said that in this thread at the time (two days ago) but for some reason I couldn’t find the thread.

No worries. First day stuff can always be weird.

At least another guy has EVE running on an M1 Air (has to use the beta Big Sur 11.1) and from the numbers, seems to be running very well (for EVE running on a Mac :smiley: )

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Just got me a MacBook Pro M1 (Big Sur 11.0.1). Tried installing EVE to see how it would perform next to my Windows 10 desktop EVE installation (4K).

The Mac version doesn’t start the game. It says closed unexpectedly. It is a brand new fresh first time installation.

The 4k Windows 10 version looks awesome. I only opened it 1600p on the 4k desktop for now. Maybe its the Iiyama Prolite B2875UHSU-B1 monitor that is that good for the price :slight_smile:

There’s a thread 2 below this one worth checking out

Well, the latest is that a) the client works fine except that sometimes when it starts up I can hear the background music, but I get a black screen. So I quit and restart - sometimes several times - and eventually I get logged in. Also b) what with one thing and another I got booted from my null-sec corp so now I’m stuck in null-sec with a bunch of stuff I probably ought to just trash and I can’t clone jump (no jc permissions where I am) and can’t self-destruct until I figure out how to change my home station. :frowning:

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