What's preventing CCP from releasing an officially supported Linux version?

I’m gonna be brief here. EVE has official support for macOS and Windows, but no official support for Linux, even though one of the developers found a way to get it working under it.

It’s 2018 already, is Linux support on the roadmap? What keeps CCP from supporting it?

They did have a fully native Linux client in the past. However, it’s version was always behind the official Windows version and Linux users didn’t get access to new game features at the same time as the Windows users. This is why the Linux client was eventually abandoned.

The seemingly native Linux version you may have seen in the last couple years only introduced a launcher, which was native to Linux. The game itself is still a Windows application and requires WINE. The launcher, although being a native Linux application was never officially supported by CCP nor is the source code available from what I’ve seen.

The current Windows version of the game runs under Linux without problems and only using WINE 3. So the priority for a native client is low, because it also means CCP would either have to hire devs to do it or pull them off from other projects.

Let’s be brutally realistic here. The Linux gaming community is a tiny fraction of the MacOS gaming community, which is itself only a tiny fraction of the Windows gaming community. I love Linux as much as the next coder but it’s simply not economically viable to release (and continuously support) games for Linux. Yes, a few developers have done this in the past. No, that doesn’t make it any more viable.

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Yes, CCP. Please spend months of coding to release a Linux supported version of EVE for the whopping 10 players that run it on Linux…

2 dudes sharing a basement apartment is enough to be called a community now? You learn something new every day! :wink:

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Why? How about it works just fine on plain wine? LIke offering raincoats to people that live in the desert; it just isn’t necessary.

The Mac client uses wine too obviously, but the mac market is significantly larger and consists of people that barely know how to turn a computer on and potentially use a single button mouse. Need to make it toddler level to get them into the game.

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I’d rather run eveux than windows 10 on my secondary and territory computers…

Give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s 2018. There might be three of them by now. And you know what they say - three’s a crowd.

And of course you’re posting here, because you couldn’t be any further from said Linux crowd if you tried.

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Funny to read how many people here still live in the 90s …

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You think Linux is a 90s thing? …

What? No.

People behave as if it was the 90s, when saying things like they do was a more common thing.
It makes me want to make fun of them, but beating on defenseless children is bad. : - )

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Okay then. vOv


For what it’s worth, Linux has only kept growing ever since it’s been invented. Now it’s even in mobile phones. Every Android phone runs Linux, not to mention the wifi router many have in their home runs on Linux.

And “two dudes sharing a basement apartment” is pretty sure still a thing and will exist since the invention of basements itself.

I know that. Tell them.

It is everywhere. The internet would not run without (all variations of) the kernel and whatever is planted on top of it. I remember in the 90s, when people mocked those who used Linux. The “Is [current year] the year of the Linux desktop” meme is still going on, despite the desktop wars being over and done already.

I just find it laughable that people who - in all likelihood - have no ■■■■■■■ clue about their machines as a whole beyond maybe being able to buy parts and putting them together, thinking that they are somehow better off because they use windows.

Maybe I am overreacting, though, and it is all just tongue in cheek.

Whatever, really. vOv


It’s them who are overreacting. They wouldn’t trash-talk Linux if they’d be cool with it.

Making nothing of it. Take a victory lap instead.

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There is nothing to “win” here.

Yeah, sure. Linux PC gamers “win.” Good job. [glances at fully functional steam library]

You would not even have a Steam library with downloadable games, if it was not for Linux.


My response would be:" I have the ability not to waste my lifetime with games I need to play to find distraction from the shitty life I am going through, while denying that it is actually shitty at all, because of all the great games and crap I own that distract me from it."

What is the point of your post?