Is linux ever going to be officially supported

I can play eve (to a point) on steamdeck. this is a linux install. and didn’t take any crazy setup steps for me to get running. I have a machine that has been dedicated to AI, but i figure i can spare it to run eve on…and i’ve tried everything to get it up and running and working properly. i’m running steam. gone through these forums, etc and just can’t get it up and running on ubuntu 22.

So what exactly are you struggling with?
I am running EVE on Manjaro without any issues after enabling the experimental mode in Steam, which makes the game appear.

I’m currently running Eve through Steam on Mint 20. I’ve reinstalled several times on various versions of Mint, including 22. The tricks I normally have to employ are

  • Fiddling with the proton version until I find one that successfully opens the launcher. Right now that’s Proton 7.0-6.
  • Swapping from DXVK to Direct3D when my launcher opens but clients fail to launch Reddit - Dive into anything
  • Sometimes copying the launchdarkly.pyd (disclaimer: idk if this works on new installs after sisi was shut down) Testing Result for Beta EVE Launcher - #53 by D43dun
  • Lately, disabling ESYNC and/or FSYNC to keep eve from hoarding CPU

My next goal is to figure out how to launch the Beta launcher (I’m still on the old version), because I’m sure it’ll be necessary for Vanguard. And then we get to figure out how to make Vanguard work, assuming CCP ticks the necessary boxes on anticheat to let us play at all.

If none of these tricks work for you, try being more specific in your post so someone with knowledge can be a little more helpful, rather than taking shots in the dark

Eve and many other games will never be officially supported as long as we must use some version of the WINE overlay. The only way I would call it officially supported would be to have an actual Linux client to download and not a MS Windows based executable. The issue is this requires a modicum of code to be changed; such as the headers for kernel support. Only then would the company be responsible for any Linux OS support what-so-ever. The Linux client would need to be compiled for at least 2, maybe 3 variations of Linux (Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu) as far as I know. This would be some budget for the programmer needed to handle the updates, so it boils down to money.

This same topic has shown up now and then for Black Desert and so far Pearl Abyss has shown no attention to the discussion. If it happens, it will be great for those of us who choose to run Linux OS, but I don’t expect it to happen.

I believe the ccp dev that was kinda mucking with linux even stopped

I am running Eve on Linux

my setup is unraid as the hybervisor(I keep breaking systems) Nobara is running as a VM. I am sure this would be even better running natively!

I installed Eve directly with wine that comes with Nobara. Apart from a couple of rendering issues its been working well.
Rendering issues are probably me working on an older system. However I am Super exited to get Eve working on linux!!

I was running this on Steam under Ubuntu 22.04, until Steam did that “upgrade” to the launcher. I now run the same Steam account but dumped the Steam launcher. I have the following;
Wine - 8.0.2 - installed per instructions at WineHQ.
I have Xubuntu 22.04 - this is the lite weight version of Ubuntu OS, which only means I opted for less than the standard OS. The only version with less than this one would be Lubuntu, but sometimes less is better when using older hardware.
The rig I am currently using is at least 10 years old HP SFF with an 8 year old Nvidia GPU 700 series.

The installer crashed the first time, and it stalled out on the next attempt, but the third go was the charm. I am very certain this is due to EVE Online being too Windows friendly ( just my opinion ) but I have managed to install other trial and free games without these issues.

Yes, setup is a bit of a chore. If new and improved launcher they plan to release kills the game for me, then it is no huge loss. I spent a few dollars on Plex here just to thank CCP for the last year I have played their game. I look at it this way; I know this company has been operating at a loss. If they are too busy to pick up the money falling on the floor, then they must not need it or want it.

M$ loves linux!
don’t you feel its embrace?
it’s only a matter of time before it extends itself into whatever remains viable.

as of today after the last update eve launcher gives a message “windows 10 or higher required”. Not longer able to play eve …

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Same here. :frowning:

It works now.

  1. Open Lutris and click on the game
  2. Down below in the Lutris window where it writes Platform: Windows click on the up-arrow and select wine configuration
  3. Go to the ‘Applications’ tab and select Windows 10
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Thanks Sir Constantin! This worked for me.