Request: formal Linux support again

CCP stopped making a linux client. Now with Windows 11 coming a lot of people will probably switch over to linux.

Microsoft is demanding TPM2. A lot of computers (or virtual machines) do not have that or support that. (yes i know there are workarounds…for now…Microsoft will most likely patch them out very soon)
Microsoft is also putting more and more ads (and “spyware”) in the OS…and will most likely go cloudonly sooner than later…)

Also the launcher is flaky as hell on linux. Game itself runs very well. But CCP decided that the laucher must be used…another smart decision…

Old reasons for stopping the client were:

  1. it a hard to support because of the many varations of linux

  2. not many players in linux

  3. can be solved with flatpak/snap tech

  4. you will see many more players switching to linux because Microsoft is dumb and thinks everybody can buy new hardware in the current situation…sure…another clue that Microsoft is dumb AF…

NB: since i switched to linux: the launcher has been reason number 1 causing problems on Linux
NB: the eve client runs fine on linux (and could also be a flatpak/snap…)

CCPlease reconsider making the laumcher linux friendly


CCP says no support

you sir have no clue, did you even read my post??? guess not

i did, but i was showing you that CCP has no desire to go back to supporting linux… especially when Wine is no longer viable with Mac… the ending of the quote is how that particular Ccp dev still plays on linux…

Sigh…i will stop playing eve forever then…

Or just switch to mac

F that

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■■■■ macs. ■■■■ windows 11. I’ll be sticking to windows 10 for the forseable future. I kind of want to ditch windows, but muh gayums! Plus, I kind of don’t want to put in the effort to learn how to use linux if I don’t have to.

Anyway, I wonder if someone will make a windows 11 ameliorated/unfucked version at some point.

Pfft. Microsoft. You know you’re ■■■■■■■ up when your new product reveal makes a bunch people think about switching to a competitor with a large learning curve and a major drawback.
No P2W

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For now EVE works well again to some degree with Wine Staging. However i would prefer not to be forced to use wine staging and instead a more stable wine branch.

What i do view as a problem is when EVE stops support for Windows 10 some day and makes Secure Boot and TPM mandatory like Valorant from Riot Games is already announcing.
Either wine will then need to fake both or we will have a serious problem using the windows client on linux after 2025.

But maybe CCPs ignoring of the linux users has killed the game by then and there will be no problem after the last players have been driven away…

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I am not going to struggle with it. I bought a year sub, wasted. From here on out, my good money isn’t going to bad business. I had a year sub. I will put my money elsewhere. ■■■■ Eve and Microsoft.

did you not read the ccp support post? Valve is the way to go to be able to play smoothly on Linux with EVE.

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