Still anyone using Linux?

Have you also noticed that the traffic in this forum with regards to Linux has dropped significantly over the last months? I am wondering why and I kindly ask you about your opinion. In particular I see the following reasons for this situation:

  1. EVE is now currently running pretty reliably on Linux, for example if you use Steam which delivers it almost out-of-the-box.

  2. People stopped running EVE on Linux.

  3. Discussions about EVE & Linux moved to a different place.

For me number 1 is clearly what I observe, and thank you to CCP by the way for making this (unofficially) possible. What are your thoughts?

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Well ccp stopped any unofficial support for linux

Eve runs quite happily on a normal Wine build without need for various fixes and work arounds.

Caveat: Directx11 unless you build your own Wine with Directx12 support in it. The various Steam,/Proton Wine versions have that done already and provide an easy out of the box experience.

So, thank-you CCP for not doing anything weird that Wine can’t handle. And thank you CodeWeavers and others for your great work on Wine.


Yep, runs well here on Ubuntu. Going to switch to Tumbleweed soon and see how that goes.


Runs well on Fedora 36, wine stable 7.0.1. No complains so far.

I’ve been running Eve on Tumbleweed for several years now without a hitch (unless Proton shits the bed on rare occasions).

It’s been running quite smoothly on Steam.

Yes, #1 is the answer.

New launcher is coming, expect more activity on this thread. :slight_smile:


Indeed… let’s see if the new launcher will be as challenging like the one from summer last year…

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Definitely confirm that it runs fine. Just downloading and running straight Wine 7.x or 8.x seems pretty solid. Perhaps a couple dependencies, but not much.
Steam has been solid; I don’t think I’ve had an issue in over a year. Installed it on the laptop several times testing various things. Desktop hasn’t been reinstalled for quite some time.

Definitely 1. Especially under Steam/Proton (experimental here), no major issues since a very long time.

My screen loves to resize (from 3840x2160 to 3840x1600) on alt-tab, from time to time, but nbd.

I use it with Steam on Debian all works

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yeah, gentoo linux user here.
eve runs fine for me

confirm, Gentoo, wine-proton, works fine.

Jump back in the game using Heroic Game Launcher in Manjaro (Arch); manual install using Proton-GE-7-49.
Surprisingly stable, no complain, even at 3440x1440. I did have to switch to border-less windows for alt-tab to not derp too much.
There’s a few things where it fails, but somewhat expect (such as opening a link, it raise an “internal error”, I have to copy URL then switch to a browser).

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+1 , Debian stable works fine so far

hmm, opening links works fine for me

Yeah, well, it works now, no idea why it didn’t work at the time of my post.
The ye old motto of “have you tried turning it off and on again?” applies?

It’s been working fine (untill tonight) thru Steam with Proton 7.0something, I run 5 clients. Not sure what happened today, I know Proton 8 got released but I didnt touched that, it was working fine last night…

Edit: I tried to download latest updates, not many and didnt seem related, but tried anyways. I ran the launcher again and its working. So then, I’m still running ‘fine’ with Steam and Proton7something.

I am wondering if EVE Anywhere would not gotten sundowned if with a native EVE client CCP would have saved all the stupid Microsoft license costs for the servers…

Naw. Just running in the browser sucked. It didn’t work.
Not on linux with chrome, chromium, or firefox.
Not on two different work machines with windows 10 and edge or chrome.
Not on a chromebook with chrome.
Not on an andorid phone with chrome.

I tried it many places and never once got a working login. The fact it ever made it out of beta baffles me.

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