Any Howto on how to use Eve on Linux these days?

Hi guys,

I’m just on my return to eve after 6 years of absence. I’m wonder if there is any working howto on how to launch Eve on Linux these days.
I tried it with Steam/Proton and get the Launcher to start. But the Client itself crashes immediately after the start. The launcher-log complains about:

"Can't recognize 'DirectXRedist.exe' as an internal or external command, or batch script.\r"

So I assume that I miss something very basic here.

Install Steam.
Enable experimental games support.
Install EVE via Steam.
Have fun.


You may have to try an older version of Proton. I use 6.3-8, personally

I tried both already and they did not work for me. However, I was able to install eve with the Standard wine Installation from my distro (Ubuntu) and using winetricks to install a few packages.
Eve now works under my Linux Desktop. Yay

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This, OP. I just switched to Fedora and this is how I did it, and it was painless. Valve is owning the Linux gaming space right now because of their steam Deck, and they’re making it exceptionally easy to run a whole swathe of Windows native games with Steam and Proton.

Using wine-proton (patched wine) 7.0.5. Work fine (dx11 and dx12), has good performance

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