Installing EVE with Steam

(Milo T'nank) #1

Hi all,

while I’ve been using the native linux launcher for a while, It’s time to see if EVE through Steam works more smoothly :slight_smile:

I just did a complete fresh install of Pop!_os 18.10 on my laptop.
Then I installed Steam, and set the settings to: “enable steam play” with proton 3.7.8
I also installed Wine and Winetricks.

However, When I try to install EVE through Steam, not much happens.
I get the icon on my desktop and for a very short moment I see a small window which belongs to Wine, after a few milliseconds it disappears and nothing happens.

So now I’m a bit lost. I have no idea where to proceed from here. where to start logging and start troubleshooting.
I also looked for a tutorial for installing EVE through Steam, but couldn’t find it.

Any tips and pointers would be much appreciated.


(Whitehound) #2

It’s explained there how you get it to work. You’ll also find it here on the Linux forum explain.

(Milo T'nank) #3


Trying to solve it with the Valve person at Github.
By the looks of it, Steam behaves differently on my computer ;-(

(Whitehound) #4

I know him. I get to wash him every day… See my answer there!

(Milo T'nank) #5


(Fintan Malone) #6

Not sure if it helps but I recently found a wrapper somebody made for using Winetricks with proton.