Installing EVE with Steam

Hi all,

while I’ve been using the native linux launcher for a while, It’s time to see if EVE through Steam works more smoothly :slight_smile:

I just did a complete fresh install of Pop!_os 18.10 on my laptop.
Then I installed Steam, and set the settings to: “enable steam play” with proton 3.7.8
I also installed Wine and Winetricks.

However, When I try to install EVE through Steam, not much happens.
I get the icon on my desktop and for a very short moment I see a small window which belongs to Wine, after a few milliseconds it disappears and nothing happens.

So now I’m a bit lost. I have no idea where to proceed from here. where to start logging and start troubleshooting.
I also looked for a tutorial for installing EVE through Steam, but couldn’t find it.

Any tips and pointers would be much appreciated.


It’s explained there how you get it to work. You’ll also find it here on the Linux forum explain.


Trying to solve it with the Valve person at Github.
By the looks of it, Steam behaves differently on my computer ;-(

I know him. I get to wash him every day… See my answer there!


Not sure if it helps but I recently found a wrapper somebody made for using Winetricks with proton.

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