The future of Eve on Linux - proton, your experience?

I’ve played eve since 2012, exclusively on Linux. It was sometimes a bit difficult to get things working - the launcher was broken for a long time, at some point I was running a custom version of wine, sometimes the linked system libraries were the wrong version… But overall, things were fixable, and once you got it running, it was relatively stable until the next major update.

At the moment, we have this dichotomy - you can run eve using the old DX9 rendering pipeline, using wine stable. It works, the graphical fidelity hasn’t changed in years, you get these dips in the fps sometimes. In theory, you should be able to run eve with Proton using the DX11 pipeline - it as a platinum rating on (how it got that, I don’t know). I’ve been trying to use eve using Proton for a while now, using different driver versions, different proton versions, and it’s definitely less than optimal. At times, I can’t get past the launcher without hard killing it and retrying. When I do get it to run, it’ll usually crash within the hour.

So, here’s my question: what’s your experience with Proton? I worry about eve on Linux, it used to be OK, but it’s not a good situation at the moment…

I have been using wine+dxvk since dxvk 0.3 without any problems. Since dxvk relies heavily on vulkan drivers to work anyone will have a hard time to get this working with nvidia cards as the open driver is pretty bad and nvidia’s driver has bad vulkan support. I do have AMD cards only and also only use the opensource driver which works perfect.

Have been running EVE on linux since 2010, things improved dramatically when wine-staging came into play. My setup is as follows:

DESKTOP: Asrock X470 Master SLI, AMD Ryzen 5 3600. 16GB ram, Nvidia GTX 1070,
Acer monitor XB280HK UHD 4K2K 60Hz (4 yr old monitor of my youngest son).
Nvidia drivers only.
Corsair VOID RGB Wireless Headset.
Debian bullseye(testing) 64bits (multiarch with MATE),
wine-staging 4.21~bullseye, EVElauncher for Linux 64bit DX11. Avg. 140+ fps
Override: DXVK-latest without dxgi.
EVEonline Shader Quality set at Medium.

NOTEBOOK: Lenovo y520, 16GB ram, Nvidia Optimus GTX 1050.
Nvidia drivers only.
Trust eeWave Pro Wireless Headset Headset.
Debian bullseye(testing) 64bits (multiarch with MATE).
wine-staging 4.21~bullseye, EVElauncher for Linux 64bit DX11. Avg. 120+ fps
Override: DXVK-latest without dxgi.
EVEonline Shader Quality set at Medium.

For the last 2 years haven’t had any real hiccups and sofar everything is stable as hell. :grin:

Good to know dxvk potentially works. I didn’t know dxvk now works on wine-staging (last I checked the wine-staging didn’t have the windows vulkan dlls). I had debian buster running with MATE, but recently switched. I suppose you’re just using the standard debian repository nvidia driver version?

Standard repo’s for me with main contrib non-free and using the latest nvidia drivers for my setup. Right now moving between stargates on my notebook over 150fps. Haven’t used dx9 for over a year now.
My only gripe at the moment is that they still use outdated/deprecated as I have everything running else running on the latest qt5 packages. Made a list of packages EVE requires for myself.

Just so you know, Steam uses Proton for all Windoze™ games and when you launch EVE Online with your Steam account, you get Vulkan™ graphics and dx11 without doing anything complicated since Steam uses its own wine and handles all “under the hood” settings for you.

And yes Proton is awesome! I haven’t found a game that doesn’t work with Proton yet.