The future of Eve on Linux - proton, your experience?

I’ve played eve since 2012, exclusively on Linux. It was sometimes a bit difficult to get things working - the launcher was broken for a long time, at some point I was running a custom version of wine, sometimes the linked system libraries were the wrong version… But overall, things were fixable, and once you got it running, it was relatively stable until the next major update.

At the moment, we have this dichotomy - you can run eve using the old DX9 rendering pipeline, using wine stable. It works, the graphical fidelity hasn’t changed in years, you get these dips in the fps sometimes. In theory, you should be able to run eve with Proton using the DX11 pipeline - it as a platinum rating on (how it got that, I don’t know). I’ve been trying to use eve using Proton for a while now, using different driver versions, different proton versions, and it’s definitely less than optimal. At times, I can’t get past the launcher without hard killing it and retrying. When I do get it to run, it’ll usually crash within the hour.

So, here’s my question: what’s your experience with Proton? I worry about eve on Linux, it used to be OK, but it’s not a good situation at the moment…

I have been using wine+dxvk since dxvk 0.3 without any problems. Since dxvk relies heavily on vulkan drivers to work anyone will have a hard time to get this working with nvidia cards as the open driver is pretty bad and nvidia’s driver has bad vulkan support. I do have AMD cards only and also only use the opensource driver which works perfect.

Have been running EVE on linux since 2010, things improved dramatically when wine-staging came into play. My setup is as follows:

DESKTOP: Asrock X470 Master SLI, AMD Ryzen 5 3600. 16GB ram, Nvidia GTX 1070,
Acer monitor XB280HK UHD 4K2K 60Hz (4 yr old monitor of my youngest son).
Nvidia drivers only.
Corsair VOID RGB Wireless Headset.
Debian bullseye(testing) 64bits (multiarch with MATE),
wine-staging 4.21~bullseye, EVElauncher for Linux 64bit DX11. Avg. 140+ fps
Override: DXVK-latest without dxgi.
EVEonline Shader Quality set at Medium.

NOTEBOOK: Lenovo y520, 16GB ram, Nvidia Optimus GTX 1050.
Nvidia drivers only.
Trust eeWave Pro Wireless Headset Headset.
Debian bullseye(testing) 64bits (multiarch with MATE).
wine-staging 4.21~bullseye, EVElauncher for Linux 64bit DX11. Avg. 120+ fps
Override: DXVK-latest without dxgi.
EVEonline Shader Quality set at Medium.

For the last 2 years haven’t had any real hiccups and sofar everything is stable as hell. :grin:

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Good to know dxvk potentially works. I didn’t know dxvk now works on wine-staging (last I checked the wine-staging didn’t have the windows vulkan dlls). I had debian buster running with MATE, but recently switched. I suppose you’re just using the standard debian repository nvidia driver version?

Standard repo’s for me with main contrib non-free and using the latest nvidia drivers for my setup. Right now moving between stargates on my notebook over 150fps. Haven’t used dx9 for over a year now.
My only gripe at the moment is that they still use outdated/deprecated as I have everything running else running on the latest qt5 packages. Made a list of packages EVE requires for myself.

Just so you know, Steam uses Proton for all Windoze™ games and when you launch EVE Online with your Steam account, you get Vulkan™ graphics and dx11 without doing anything complicated since Steam uses its own wine and handles all “under the hood” settings for you.

And yes Proton is awesome! I haven’t found a game that doesn’t work with Proton yet.

I’ve been having some issues myself, mind sharing a bit more as to what you’ve been doing to get eve working?

My library would like a word with you. None of my CoD titles work. Same with Ghost Recons. You must all be using some wonderful, magical version of Proton.

But it’s cool. I still have Eve.

Speaking of, that may be of interest for some of you:

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I installed EVE using Steam with Proton, it runs quite well out-of-the-box. The only thing that i haven’t figured out yet is how to use a dual monitor as Manjaro configures the desktop as 5120x1440 instead of two 2560x1440 monitors. I don’t have the dual monitor option which i have in Windows. The nVidia control panel isn’t much of help either.

I’ve had limited success on and off with Linux EVE. But Proton? Definitely doesn’t work very well. I had it running maybe once and I still have no idea what I did or didn’t do properly that time, as well as any other time. But I find Wine 5.0 is working rather nicely with Snorlax’s client

I’ve been using Proton-5.0-GE-1 for a couple weeks now, EVE installed through Steam. Everything runs flawlessly.

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I use Manjaro as well on dual monitors (with Proton). I did manage to get both monitors working well. Took some twiddling (as one monitor is rotated 90 degrees) but it’s possible. The only problem I’ve had with Proton is with multiple clients. A type of ‘sticky keys’ function seems to enable itself if I hold CTRL too long. Another click will disable it, but it often proves too confusing for combat. PVE is fine.

Previously I’ve had trouble and disappointment with the steam/proton setup. I’ve kept a standard install on linux. DX11 worked fine enough. While I have attempted to get dxvk setup a couple of times, framerates clearly didn’t show the difference. Today I tested steam/proton again and was happily surprised.

Proton 5 (5-03 today) rebases the entire thing on Wine5. Still running DX11, same hardware, and about 40% higher framerates. Clearly the proton bundle has achieved what I couldn’t before with dxvk. Spent a good 20 minutes trying to copy over my settings folder…which I did…now my windows are in the correct spot and everything is happy. Overall very happy with the experience this time.

No scripts.
No winetricks.
No font dipsh**ery.
Seems pretty solid.

Steam launched eve (assuming you manually set it to Proton 5) is now my best recommendation for eve on linux.

Edit Due to other people complaining about CPU usage lately I will note that CPU usage is approximately halved. You ~might~ get another client or two out of this.


Might have to dial back those expectations. I just locked up 4 times in a row. No ability to interact with either the client itself or the launcher. Apparently your mileage may vary.

I know that this Proton thing was primarily built with Ubuntu in mind, and I’m seeing people list stuff like Manjaro. So I’m basing my question on this.

Is anyone who is using the Steam setup on Ubuntu (as in, not something else because “it’s what I’ve always used”) having any issues so far? And if so, what hardware are you using?

I couldn’t get eve to launch at all on proton 5, but 4.11 works fine (my pc is 4 years old so nvidia drivers and some other hardware stuff is fiddly to say the least.

I’m running Arch linux, kernel 5.6.7, nvidia binary driver version 440.82-8 on Gnome 3.36.
Installed Eve via Steam and use GE’s custom Proton just because I have to use it for some other games. It’s also available on the AUR if you use Arch or any of its derivative distros.

Every thing runs and works beautifully, zero complaints.

Arch linux. Latest patches.
Kernel Release: 5.6.14-arch1-1
Processor Type: AMD FX™-6300 Six-Core Processor
Graphics: AMD Lexa PRO [Radeon 540/540X/550/550X / RX 540X/550/550X] driver: amdgpu v: kernel
Steam current + Proton 5 (no tweaks or changes)
Game in general runs beautifully. (Fitting doesn’t update when changing modules until close/open window.)
Another glitch has nothing to do with the game, rather the launcher that precedes it. If you leave it open, EVE WILL crash within an hour at most. (At least on my rig.) The solution is to close the launcher after starting the game. Once that happens, I’ve had zero crashes or lockups since.

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Nvidia GPU.
Steam current + Proton 5 (no tweaks or changes)
I had the game working straight away but it was permanently freezing after 2-4 hours. On alt-tabbing out the launcher was also frozen. I had to manually kill the process to relaunch it.
Thanks to the previous post in this topic I tried to close the launcher after starting the client and now the freezes are gone. That actually makes it seem likely that there is a creeping memory leak somewhere in the launcher.
In summary - simple workaround of closing the launcher after it has done its job and otherwise works flawlessly.

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