So what's about Vulkan?

Hi Linux 3D experts,
can anybody please explain me what’s about Vulkan and how does it improve the EVE Online experience on Linux?

I recently managed to get my EVE working on Ubuntu with DX 11 but the frame rate dropped by 50% compared to DX 9, even though CPU and GPU are still not fully utilized. Is Vulkan a solution for this issue?

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See here:

When you don’t see similar gains then you probably didn’t set it up right. The numbers you describe seem to be “DirectX11 over OpenGL” versus “DirectX9 over OpenGL”, meaning, you’re running with a vanilla WINE installation, but haven’t got DXVK installed and set up.

If you want to know how to set up DXVK with WINE, then see here:

If you want to go with Steam Play / Proton then you’ll find a list of steps here:

The whole effort around Vulkan and using it for DirectX is still young and is seeing lots of fixes and further development currently. Best chance for a quick’n’easy installation will likely be Steam Play / Proton, because it entails it all as well wraps it nicely into Steam, which makes it available for a lot of other games, too.

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As usual a great answer from you Whitehound!
Looks like I will have to schedule some time for toying around with this the next weeks…

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