So I installed steam and activated Proton

How do I know proton/Vulkan is working?

I honestly do not see any improvement over the linux launcher as of now. CPU usage with one client is the same. I even made sure I had exactly the same ingame settings as when I run the linux launcher. Im glad the eve launcher icon on system tray looks different, harder to get confused between installations.

Unchecking dx9 while running the 32bit client doenst let me get dx11 in 32bit…

Not sure if its normal, but checking 64bit and unchecking dx9… doesnt do a thing on my steam test, keeps showing dx9 on Control F. And CPU usage is the same. The only plus is I see better FPS than using the linux launcher, almost twice, but cpu usage is the same. I also notice that explosions look as if pixelated, when I never saw that before.

I guess steam is a no joy for me :frowning:

I wish there was a easy way in game to see that vulkan is working.

Lutris test still to do.

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