Proton 5.0-4 and steam on debian stable - out of the box

Hey! If some1 wants to run DX11 EVE on Linux the simplest way is to use steam with proton 5./0-4 all works out of the box even big fleet fighting. To setup you just need to change eve settings in steam (steam->properties->general->Steam Play compatibility tool to Proton 5.0-4 - that is all). Client runs much better then with dvxk installed manually with wine-staging. My computer (T490s) is much cooler and client runs very smoothly. There is one issue but this is platform independent - launcher don’t close properly so you need to kill it from console :stuck_out_tongue: waiting for fix from CCP.

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Hi. Same setup, however I’m experiencing overheating (VSync doesn’t work). Both DX9 or DX11.
Curious to see if someone get it to work

(NVidia prime)

I am on intel - t490s - 60c with 2 eve clients running, in the yesterdays FWST-8 bash - without sound and minimal details all worked perfect (as it can with 10% tidi) :wink:

Overheating is a hardware issue. Gotta fix that on your own PC

Well, I do agree that is something to do with my computer and not the Eve Client alone , but I disagree this is hardware issue. I made a ticket and I narrowed it to VSync not working properly. 500 FPS when it’s supposed to be capped at 60 (or 48 or 120, depending of my display setting). Weird thing is : if I plug any external monitor, my FPS will then be capped (VSync working) to the Hz of my external monitor (even if I put the game on my laptop monitor) and everything works fine, no overheating, nothing.

I really am perplex about that issue, I don’t know how to redact such a ticket to Nvidia / Xorg / OpenGPL whoever might be interested in this issue…

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