Steam/Proton 7.0

Hi, I am now reinstalling steam and EVE as moving from proton 5.0 to 7.0 corrupted game and steam … I hope it will work :slight_smile: hows on your end?

all worked - except UI scaling. Any1 facing same issue?

I haven’t tested UI scaling (and doing so would mess up my current UI) but other than that, proton 7.0-1 works fine for me.

Tried using the steam version with and without a custom proton versions and it’s so slow i’d called it the unreleased version of DOS. It takes forever for the client to load and start up a character

Once the game actually loads it looks like someone took 1980 movie styling and put EVE in letter box bars on it and then blurred it all under a layer of Vaseline; game launcher doesn’t work with proton 7.01 on my machine but will with Glorious Eggroll Proton 7.2 but with a lot of slow downs

The Linux client works nearly as well as native windows versions and my only issue is that character loading takes some extra cycles. With the coming end of technical support of any kind of linux i’ll be forced to take a break because the steam poroton version is not remotely up to snuff.

it sounds like you have no DXVK/vulkan enabled. I have T490s and i can run 3 clients with proton mining, ratting, fleet fights.

Lets see with stock proton and and Glorious Eggroll proton they both come with DXVK and vulkan and should work out of the box but I can look into when i have time and see what’s going and read some threads about eve launcher issues

For me EVE on Steam proton 7.01 does not work out of the box but Proton-7.2-GE-2 does albeit at 1-8 FPS maybe when the game gets running and with all graphic settings turned on to performance mode.

With the Native Linux EVE Launcher I’m getting 30-60 FPS with some minor graphics setting tweaks.

I’ll have to look at doing a custom install it seems since steam proton is just not working for this game.

You should definetly check graphics drivers - nvidia, amd or intel?

IDK if any1 have same issue, after every 2-3h clients freezes with proton 7.0 … i will debug further

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