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I had used vintel and it had been working great with linux. Now it does not seem to read the eve logs any more. Anyone else find a intel program that works with eve online under linux?


ccp is slowly moving away from anything supporting linux and eve online, so most likely most of the programs will be moving away as well.

Sorry to hear that as I left windows over a year ago and not planing on going back. Eve itself runs fine for me, I run it through steam with no issues. Vintel runs but since it no longer reads the chat channels it has become nothing more then a map.

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the chat channels are not really local with in game, but run by amazon (there’s been plenty of issues with the in game chat)

they are making a native mac OS client, which will subsequently no longer run with Wine.

Well if it gets to the point that I can not run Eve with linux then my subscriptions will end and will find another game. In the mean time I do not use wine directly to run eve online, I run it though steam. Steam does a nice job making games able to be played while running linux.

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He also said that Valve is doing a great job and will be able to keep playing Eve with linux through steam even when the Mac client goes live and you loose the wine support.

The key part is at the end. It’s about changes to credentials storage and propagation to the new system rather than allowing the previous system to continue functioning.

When that happens, it is expected (but untested) that the same issue seen in the native launcher will express in the proton launcher too. There is some internal discussion about this, but at this time, Linux users should be aware that unless wine or proton adds support for the syscalls involved in the windows credential store, proton will eventually stop working too. The exact timeline for this is amorphous, and it is impossible to say whether that’s one month or twelve months.

So while Valve is doing a great job, there’s the real prospect that Linux support vanishes. I guess it will depend on Valve’s commitment to continued Linux support of EVE, and as part of that, how many Linux gamers are paying for Omega accounts through Steam.

Steam offers a lot more games for people to play on linux then just Eve online. I had only used steam to pay for stuff for my eve account a couple times. But I started having major issues with the steam wallet they have, Just would not work right. So I pay via paypal!

Either way steam has invested a lot into giving good games to people who use linux. Eve and some others have not supported linux for sometime now. Would be nice to see linux go more main stream, Nothing really to be afraid of with it. Honestly I find it runs better then windows 10 did.

As the person who identified the root cause of that issue, CCP Bartender was completely wrong about what was causing it. In reality Wine already supports the credential management system they migrated to; CCP was just using a third party library incorrectly which triggered some non-conformant undefined behavior in Wine (which was fixed in wine 6.14).

So far I’m not seeing any indication at all that they are planning some major changes for which Wine has no hope of supporting. Just minor annoying bugs here and there that have to be found and fixed by the community

Fair enough – I’ve not been following in great detail. Cool to know Linux support is not going to be killed any time soon, and the community can keep fixing the issues that do arise.

So, question, is it okay to let the launcher update in Lutris? Im currently at 1917874 and canceling any launcher update that comes my way… should I let it upgrade?

Currently running eve though steam. The workaround for that last little problem worked for me. Works good under steam using proton 5.010 or something like that.

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