Eve in VirtualBox

is it realistically possible to run a lightweight Eve in a Virtual Box instance, just to check a character in a station and do some market stuff, nothing fancy, just market and contract checking and updating.

Try it out and tell us your results.

Seems to work, slowly but since it’s just for the station it will work in a VM in Linux ok for that.

Good enough but I wouldn’t be undocking with it :slight_smile:

Still holding out for official Linux support, I refuse to back down.

At least with this I can sell my stuff and take the daily freebies but no subbing as a second class customer.


What for do you need official Linux support? EVE is working nicely with current WINE. What else do you need?

Good to know. I thought there was a Wine scipt somewhere? Never tried it.

Not interested in WINE

Does the Mac version use WINE?

Yes…yes Mac’s use wine. This is why the fine dev has spoken about exactly that…and that they don’t develop with Linux as a target, but since the mac stack is virtually identical they don’t NEED to. Kind of like developing for win7 and win 10…yes there are differences but considering the REAL baseline is DX11…extremely marginal. Wine will run DX11…and they test wine on mac. Seriously your idea of being happy running in a VM is just plain silly.

On an RX590 with wine 5 with dxvk and stuff…can pull 170+fps all day long if I want to listen to the fan sing. All options on full, dx11, 64bit, pretty shaders. Went to null to watch the doofy bee fight the other day. Several hundred ships on grid with all effects on and brackets…ran just fine.

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I don’t pay companies that don’t “officially” support my platform, they’re happy to take my money and then when something bad happens or a business change, I’m told to piss off. I can do the same, I can happily take the freebies daily and not pay.

If it’s so easy to “officially” support the Mac, then why can they not “officically” support Linux? I think that is silly.

When I get “official” support, I will consider “officially” resubbing and paying.

Because Macs are consistent, every Linux distro is different. It is not feasible for CCP to support “all of Linux”. Wine works fine.

I’ve been using Linux for 25 years +, but not exclusively, I use what works because it makes sense to do so. Taking a principled stand on something as silly as a game is just indulgent masturbation.


While CCP is not officially supporting Linux, which is hard due to many flavors of Linux, they are - to my impression - really working hard to avoid and remove road blocks for WINE support of EVE.
So they are de-facto implicitly and unofficially supporting Linux. Which, since this is a game, is enough for me to pay them for doing so.

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There is a standard base for Linux, and also you deploy what dependencies you need. End of the day, my money stays firmly in my wallet. I will continue to just take the freebies.

Plenty of games on Linux, they don’t see to have a problem selling to us and supporting us.

In fact I have one running right now. Native on Linux Windows and Mac. They got my money. Running fine on my Linux machine and many others. They had no problem, they didn’t sit there making excuses every day in every thread. They made a game for Linux, released it, support it, got paid.

You can whine about excuses all day long or you can get paid. I made my choice, support me to get paid or nope, and unofficial support doesn’t cut it. Time to make a stand, official support to get paid or no deal. I am perfectly fine with letting Eve die. In the end, it’s no loss to me that the company loses income, they don’t put food on my dinner plate. It’s their employees that have that worry.

If I don’t get “official” company support, then I don’t pay for a service in any shape or form.

If Linux was so bad, Valve wouldn’t be wasting their time selling to us. They ship a crapton of games to us. With official support. Valve is laughing all the way to the bank, you can sit there making bs excuses you wish, it won’t put money in your bank.

TBH, I would rather they stop supporting Linux completely and give up on this unofficial support if they’re not going to back it up with real company official support. Let the truth lay out there in the market. Cut off Linux completely, do it. I would rather do without than have a quasi-fudge-cake unofficial support and then them have the nerve to ask money for it.

Either support it officially or stop all development in all forms for Linux, block the Linux clients connecting, if Linux is that bad, block it, stop taking Linux money if they cannot back it up officially.

I think the company is just damn ungrateful of Linux player’s money if they don’t support it.

Pay us, here’s an unofficial spare time hackjob, oh, you’re on your own. That doesn’t work for me.

If I am to pay you, you are to officially work on it in company time with company resources and the company to support it for my money.

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I am not a big fan of the “support all of Linux” argument, because you don’t have to support every distro. Valve and several game developers/publishers officially support LTS versions of Ubuntu only. “Support” on other distros comes from the respective distro maintainers, by ensuring the environment that Steam and it’s games run is compatible with what you would find in the latest Ubuntu LTS release. On top of that, Steam for Linux ships with a Ubuntu based runtime environment.

What I am trying to say is that it’s enough to support Ubuntu LTS and the community will sort out the rest.

Or CCP could work with Valve to get Eve on the Proton whitelist, like Doom (2016) and many other games. Not sure about the OP but that would be official enough for me.

This. Ubuntu becomes a defacto standard, this is not healthy either.

Fact is Wine is a good kludge, I can’t blame any developer choosing this route over dedicating money, time & resources to a tiny player base. It makes no sense.

If I could play Eve on Linux natively then great I would do, but 95% of my Linux use is work related, I wouldn’t expect my server/docker/database platform to be a games console as well.

Linux is free for use, it still takes a lot of resources to build, maintain & document. Your attitude is just parasitic. I contribute to several open source projects, what do you do?


Nothing more to say. :slight_smile:

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Not only silly for my taste but hey, everyone can do to made his own life more complicated if there exists better solutions.

My money stays in my wallet as well. I’m still Omega (plexxing everyy month untill the isk stops flowing) and enjoying the game thru Lutris. I do agree on the concept, if we sub, we are 2nd class citizens, on a system/O.S. that its more stable than windows :wink: IF anything, the Windows should be the one that is not supported, a lot easier to support the knowledgeable Linux users :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really dont understand why the supported O.S. has so many bugs, and the unsupported one, runs more stable and better…

Getting this error

Not sure why people are complaining about NO OFFICIAL support.

I have been using Linux / BSD since 1993 when we had to configure and build our own kernels.

That is part of the love on Linux is the making things that should not work work. the playing around and forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Even today I will build from scratch a gentoo system, or a freeBSD box. because I enjoy the challenge and the flexibility of linux. That is really what Linux was designed around.

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