Version 18.11 - Feedback and Known Issues (Mac)


Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion about known issues with the Mac client in this monthly release (Version 18.11).

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I get to see this after every quitting of the game:


Me too!

Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 13.03.11

Thanks for the report, guys! I have forwarded it to our tech team internally.

Hi folks. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re looking into this.

It shouldn’t stop the ability to play, but if this is not the case, please let us know with a Bug Report.


Loving the updates particularly the jump clone piece (esp having detonated 2 sets of high grade snakes in the past).

My issue is with the ingame map and the D-scanner.

The map doesnt display any layout lines (region, jumpgates) or any of the infographics (my assets, my fleet), and Dscan is missing detail like the orbits and the dscan sphere. :frowning:

Also just noticed I’ve got a wine64-preloader icon showing program error, even though I’m ingame and its running.

Same here, grid in solar system view and connecting lines in map windows have disappeared. Also, I am noticing that the Wine64 Pre-loader does not close after quitting the game.


Since the new update today
I lost on the D-Scan map the Scan cone and the blue bubble of the scan probes.
And the Wine64 Pre-loader sais “Program error”.


I have exactly the same issues as the others: d-scan, probe scanner and map-window are unusable ATM, and the pre-loader has crash-report.

I also have issue with external screens with higher resolutions than 1440p: the mouse pointer flickers so much, that it’s almost impossible to hit anything with the mouse. This issue has been going on for at least a month, so it didn’t come up in this version release.

I too can not see any icons next to named objects on the probe scanner and the galaxy map.

Photo here.

It seems that if you disable antialiasing, maps and scanners are working again. The crash report still persists, but now it’s not a total game killer.

Dscan is not broken, its part of CCP’s plan to add more risk to the game so you will buy more skill injectors and plex.

Not only does the wine64-preloader not go away, it launches multiple new ones for every client. At the moment, I have 0 EvE clients running and I’ve even quit the Launcher. Take a look at this:

Those exec windows are wine64-preloader. Then, look in my Activity Monitor:

There’s over a gigabyte of memory tied up in stuff that isn’t supposedly running. They’re also getting CPU time and the wineserver was left running too:


It seems like the ones in the dock are for some kind of program error that doesn’t have a window that can be found/seen. Loglite has all kinds of warnings and errors. Last error was Failed at storing client achievement events, e = 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'UpdateClientAchievmentsAndCounters' after killing all the wine-related processes and starting a new client.

Same here, completely unable to use probe scanner properly (probes launched but they don’t appear on the map).

Same crash report for me as well upon quit.


Please work on the Mac issues, right now, no way to do exploration, or PvP hunting, or plan routes.

Thank you,


NO fix with todays update :nail_care:
Ironically client freezes when i go to “Help” > “Get Help” > “Open in external browser” to report the problem :wink:

I’m also having the problem with wine64-preloader remaining behind after quitting the game. Also seems to use ~25% CPU, so can be a serious issue to have these accumulate.

Yep, mostly the same here.

  • no scan cone or scanner probe spheres in system map / dscan
  • wine throws the eve_crashmon.exe error, but this does not affect gameplay
  • wine64-preloader shuts down properly, no zombie processes left behind


  • 12/11 update seems to have fixed the system map problem.
  • I do see 7 or 8 wine64-preloader processes while a client is running, only one takes up significant resources though. After quitting and closing the eve_crashmon.exe message, all shut down.