Version 18.11 - Known Issues


Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues from this monthly release (Version 18.11).

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  • Various maps are broken in some cases, if Antialiasing is enabled.


  • Nyx Yoiul SKIN lights are incorrectly displayed below the hull of the ship.


  • Any detached inventory windows set when you are docked are cleared when you undock and will not reload once redocked.
  • Pumpkin Wreck icons are still being displayed
  • Jump Clones tab of the Character Sheet fails to load after attempting to view it in a Structure with a Clone Bay service you do not have access to

This multiplier will always be visible via the Star Map so that you can locate high-value solar systems in which to hunt pirates.

This is funny. When you open the F10 map, the HUD element disappears. :joy:

You can’t scroll sideways in the Agency’s Exploration tab. You actually have to click-hold a card to drag them, which can and will lead to annoying missclicks and missactivation of wrong cards. Great.

Setting the Agency ESS tab to Specific Region, Spec constellation does not put your current system at the top and next door system to the next spots. Instead, it is sorted alphabetically. In contrast to the Signature tab, where it sorts the same sorting filter by In System -> next door. Nice.

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Link to Patch Notes is dead, doesn’t work…

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I bug reported this on SISI, is there any point in me filling those out?


That’s unusual. Double clicking on the system map to change orientation cuts it like a butcher cuts meat. You can’t drag probes around at all.


and still no EVE music in stations

@CCP_Dopamine ummm, you guys realise you have 4-4 facing in entirely the opposite direction now right? like literally 180’ in the wrong direction, can you maybe fix that :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this what you guys meant by “Made pochven npcs more performant”?

Note the velocities, theyve all just been sitting there almost completely still since the servers came up

Thank you very much for your report! Your report is the reason, why it is listed here. Unfortunately we did not manage to implement a fix in time.

We are currently looking into this. Could you please file a bug report about this as well (best from ingame - F12)? Which video card are you using? Can you try to disable antialiasing?

Disabling AA seems to fix it.

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Jump clone tab isnt loading anymore, Says unexpected error occured.

This is actually intended. The main entrance is facing the most trafficked space lane now :slight_smile:


So all our instaundock BM are obsolete now and have to be remade??

Which now makes it far too easy for people to instaundock without preparing anything because there are 2 stations and a bunch of moons literally on the undock path, nice stealth buff to safety, i miss EVE :frowning:

Correct, and as an added bonus there are literally 2 NPC stations directly ahead of the undock so you can just bounce to those to avoid any “non-consensual PvP”


  • Celebrate the completion of the Jita 4-4 upgrade with Empire parades across New Eden, and a new Login Campaign in its honour.

Work on Jita 4-4 station is now completed?? Well that was quick.

We just finished the Halloween event and now there’s another event? Don’t know why you guys continue to push Events out one right after the other. It just cheapens them and makes them uneventful.

By the way, the word ‘Honor’ is misspelled in that patch note…

User Interface:

  • It is now possible to cancel an in-progress target lock

  • The Sensor Overlay compass is now hidden by default

  • Added a warning which appears when warping away from your drones in space

  • Disrupted Gates now appear in the Overview by default

Those are definitely good additions to the game.

Now about the other stuff, was it really necessary to rework the Jump Clone page in the character sheet?

Also what was wrong with the initial school names and descriptions?

I’m amazed at how you guys continue to invest time and resources to mess with stuff that work’s just fine instead of fixing all the various bugs plaguing this game, like the Market bugs that have been active for months and months.


No it isn’t, thats the actual english spelling of the word, i know it confuses people

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Depends where you are from. It’s spelled ‘honour’ pretty much everywhere outside the U.S., like here in Canada, so there you go.

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Honor is the preferred spelling in American English
Honour is the preferred spelling in British English

Yeah, I’m an American and to me the word Honor in the patch notes is spelled wrong…