18.04 Release - Known Issues


Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues.

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Known Issues:


  • Huntmaster event sites are not spawning any NPCs.
  • Can’t see abyssal mods stats on contracts.


  • Super Carriers erroneously mention Support Fighters in traits tab.
  • Renamed Shield Hardener Blueprints have outdated names.

Science & Industry:

  • The Frontier Safeguarder Crate fails to open. Please keep your crates, they will be openable with the next patch.

User Interface:

  • The current Login Campaign window doesn’t load properly when opening it after claiming all items.
  • French text for the Sculpting tool and Navigation tooltip doesn’t fit the frame.
  • French text does not fit “Enter Game” button.
  • French text does not fit Category title space on the Character Creation.
  • Character Creation: resizing client window messes up with drop down tabs.
  • Second reward of Daily Login campaign shows an original Blueprint in the DLI window when it should be a Blueprint Copy.

When you hover over an abyssal module in the contracts browser, you no longer see a preview of the mutated item.
The preview is still visible when you hover abyssal items in your hangar or in the cargo of ships.


Industry window does not show structure rig bonuses @CCP_Dopamine

Looks like huntmaster sites are bugged, rats not spawning in, gates still locked.


This is what I see, or cannot see after patch.
Cant access ship hangars, Inventories stuck on loading, cant undock, zooming into stations look like this, just the hull…

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My client is now giving me a verification failure.

Verification Failure


Huntmaster sites are broken, rats are not spawning at all. Even when I warp to completely fresh site that have no beacon spawned in overview, there are still no rats spawning and acceleration gate is closed.

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Greetings Capsuleer,

If you haven’t already, please submit a Bug Report with any relevant information you may have; we are currently investigating this issue, so every little bit helps.


As before, there was a strong FPS drop in the abyss, 15-20 (sometimes 8-10) instead of 60, for 2 weeks already, and everything was fine on the test server, I expected that they would fix it, but the patch came out and nothing changed.

Strong FPS drop in the abyss

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Bug Report submitted regarding cap booster changes on FAXes.

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That was an issue before this patch day, btw, so… it’s unrelated to 18.04 itself, unless there’s new ways it’s not opening properly than there have been since Sunday…

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Adaptive Invulnerability Field → Adaptive Invulnerability Shield Hardener rename does not appear to have happened everywhere. My BPO still has the old name, but the output has the new name


wrong logo


Please verify your client (resource cache) through the launcher, it is most likely that this is caused by corrupt files.

Please verify your client (resource cache) through the launcher.

Completely true. We just included it for completeness and it should be fixed with the patch tomorrow.


Silly Dysfunction Unfortunately this impacts new players due for daily prizes. The PLEX for COVID19 prizes come up then there is a place for the daily awards on the lower left above the redemptions pending. But clicking it apparently does nothing (just apparently). The cosmetics of this is definitely classifiable as an involution except that it does have results with patience.

To get the daily prize reliably, the new player has to click the apparently inactive Icon, then hit logout and then the prize appears in the logout screen. Mileage varies at this point. Some collect and then cancel the logout and don’t freeze. Others collect and continue the logout and then login again, finding the prize now included in the pending (unclaimed) redemptions. Either way, the delivery is made, but at the cost of much gnashing of teeth and damage to EVE’s and CCP’s image.

I will help new players who are not already too irate to listen. So far my success rate is about 75% with the others deleting the game they recently downloaded. I have no idea where to find a gamer’s version of yelp, and I would not give it any credence if I could, but bad ratings might deter others.


Any solution for this?


Yeah, just have to wait a bit, the client is still downloading. Check it in about 10 minutes or so.

This can happen, if you have an extra server enabled, like Thunderdome or Duality, which is currently not used. If this is the case, then please disable the extra server and it should hopefully work.

Downloading for about half year? Got this problem for very long time. Fortunately, still no corrupted files on my end. Just asking since someone brought topic up and I can get some attention on it.

@CCP_Habakuk Nothing is selected there. Not even sisi