Version 18.07 - Known Issues


Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues from this monthly release.

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  • New Eden Store items are appearing in the wrong language - fixed


  • After exiting the Proving Grounds the trace will sometimes not close
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And no mention of the various bugs currently plaguing the Market Interface?

Granted they weren’t caused by this release but they were caused by a past release and have been active in-game for months now. Various Bug Reports have been submitted as well as being posted in ‘Known Issues’ Feedback threads multiple times now with no response from CCP…

Market Issues:

Buy / Sell orders for some items are not being listed in the Market Interface even though players are spending ISK to place those orders.

Women’s ‘Farsight’ Augmented Spectacles
(currently no Market listing in-game yet 3rd party Market sites show active Buy / Sell orders for that item)

Other items are listed in the wrong Market category which adversely affects Buy / Sell orders for those items, basically players won’t see the item listing when browsing the Market in the correct category.

Women’s Sisters Of Eve Advanced Combat Suit
(currently listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Outerwear)

Women’s Capsuleer Day XVII T-Shirt
(currently listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Tops)

There’s probably a few other Market related bugs as well but the ones I’ve listed have been active in-game for far too long.


Is that one related to the old proving grounds found at the end of Tier 3+ sites or the new ones using the filaments? Had that happen sometimes when another Player was still in it with his pod

I think @brutalbutunfair on twitch dreamed the gate, it must be related to the new proving grounds. LUL

how can they already know yet when it is not available? Actually removing stuff without saying that in patch notes is not fair tbh!

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actually I am not sure if it is intended that proving conduits already stopped spawning today, thought it would be Thrusday

Well no more high risk and exciting fight into abyss PVP. Only boring worthless T1 hull ship fights with bad format.


Known Issue: The current devs don’t know ■■■■ about sandbox and are destroying it bit by bit to make cheap rewards that bump their numbers for their masters…


Completely agree. They killed our abyssal PVP arena, to had PVP filament that will pick interest from people running LS. No replacement for our PVP abyssal content.

It would be awesome, if they stop giving scrap on login screen. Scrap booster that inject themselves, so much useless…


Hey, they fixed the boosters with this patch - now you can inject them in space when you are actually ready to use them.

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The daily challende doesnt show the new SP bar now when I claimed the 150K SP for logging in. Its gone forever? It was one and only worthy reward there. :anguished:

Nevermind, it reappeared when I relogged. :woman_mage:

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I cannot access any channel settings from the cog wheel…

It’s not just the proving grounds it’s the abyss itself, session changes are f*cked. I’ve just been trapped in the abyss unable at first to take gates between rooms without relogging. Then at the end it took nearly 4 minutes and multiple relogs for the origin gate to work. As i kept getting trapped in the exit tunnel from the abyss, then when i relogged i ended up back in the 3rd room on the origin gate.

I currently have two clients logged in one is rock solid no problems sat in a keepstar the second was in the abyss. Virgin 200Mb internet UK.

EDIT Session changes seem fine in K space in highsec. It’s just the Abyss were its going tits up.

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Commands not being processed in certain high sec systems.

Been stuck in space in Madirmilire for the past hour. According to local chat everyone else is experience the same.

Can’t jump. Can’t dock. Can’t move in space. Can’t transfer isk or make market orders.


Wow. But Niarja or Ashab was fine before you jumped into Mad, eh? Maybe a node issue.

The new drops that are supposed to drop on edencom wrecks ? I’m not seeing anything drop on any edencom wrecks

And the patch notes are vague you give an explanation of what drops on trig ships but not on edencom ships.

Edit actually no it doesn’t say what drops on trig ship my bad

I think you’re not reading properly and/or making unfounded assumptions.

The new drops on EDENCOM = EDENCOM Technology = Vorton Projectors & Tuning Systems = Very likely a very low drop rate.
And the new Triglavian Data Drops that are mentioned are definitely in-game, as they are popping up on the Jita market already. Should be dropped by Trig ships, looking at the in-game item descriptions and patch notes.
Probably at very specific vessels and/or with a low drop rate, looking at the amount of items that are currently on the market.

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Hmm where did I make that assumption?
I clearly asked about the items that are supposed to now drop on the wrecks of destroyed edencom ships.