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So far nothing in the patchnotes that indicates that old proving grounds are gone…
Looks good so far

Not much I can do in EVE right now so… Yea, the patch is great. I guess…

After speed-reading a few posts and a thread that was locked I guess the patch isn’t all that great after all :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It seems that some people are losing a LOT of stuff and expect to see things that aren’t there anymore, Oooops!
I can’t imagine myself spending so much time, effort and money just to see parts of it wasted in a patch, man! I’d be peeved. Just another reason I’m causal player and don’t go Omega, my doc said to try and keep my blood pressure down.



now after Armor Coating tiericide:

The [Faction] A-Type Multispectrum Coating now gives a bonus of 20% to all resistances for 1 PG and no CPU cost.
The [Faction] C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane grants “only” 19.6% for 1 PG and 33 CPU.


I assume the energized platings will get that tiericide too at some point

Introducing Proving Ground filaments.

Instanced PvP? Really?

OK, I’m done here. This game was a lot of fun for years because of it’s unique nature. Good luck turning it into another MOBA. Bye.


Sorry to hear that. Don’t forget to compost yourself on the way out - or whatever the term is.

(I’m just curious as to the economic impact, if leaving players were to “recycle” all assets rather than just leave them in limbo, in perpetuity. just “in cases” they ever come back.)

ya sorry but i will be sticking to the no touch the login crap like normal

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Where you been? They introduced instanced PVP a while ago. It was crap. Consequently not that many folk played it. Unfortunately, CCP is now doubling down by trying to fix the instanced pvp. It is still crap. Worse its very concept is antithetical to what makes eve, eve. With luck it will be ignored by the majority of player and die an ignoble death.

  1. IDK why, but Plating sounds better than Coating. The Coating terminology is referred to some liquid things, to biology. Plating is referred to metalurgy, to metal components and ships, like: gliding, silvering, nickelage, plating.

  2. The Tiercide idea is good. In my opinion, some names should be left unchanged in collation prefixes, like: Limited, Prototype, Experimental to describe the specified set of modules. It’s intuitively more understandable. For example, the same I can say about Microwarpdrives divided between T1, T2, Cold-Gas, Quad Lif and Y-T8 Compact:

  • 5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive -> 5MN Cold-Gas Microwarpdrive;
  • 5MN Quad Lif Restrained Microwarpdrive ->5MN Quad Lif Microwarpdrive;
  • 5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive -> 5MN Compact Microwarpdrive.

Cold-Gas is better than Enduring and it’s a tooltip for me that the module has lesser activation cost (based on its name Gas) with higher capacitor penalties, while Enduring is confusing. Why it must be “enduring” if it decreases my ship’s capacitor more and boosts my signature more than Quad Lif does? Quad Lif is a tooltip that the module has special constructional parameters, which requires the same activation cost as T1 module, but with better capacitor bonus and smaller signature radius. Restrained word “tells” me nothing. The Y-T8 acronyms tells me absolutely nothing, while the Compact word is a tooltip that this is a T1 module with better engineering capabilities (less CPU and PG). TII module is the same as TI with better basic stats (aka speed) at the cost of secondary stats penalty.


:red_circle: in-game events like Operation Permafrost are 1000x better than those 30-day login campaigns…
:red_circle: still no option do disable :red_circle: ? We can turn off blinking icons, CCP plax.

:red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle:


The one the burried in a PvE dungeon? Well I did not really care about that because no one used it and the whole concept was completely dumb. This one is quite different.


cAn yoU plEASe, prettY PLEASE aDD an opTioN to REmovE tHe zensored RED DOT!?
It’s zensored UNBELIEVABLE that you STILL not have this done.
Do you people think this is a zensored meme joke or something? Then you are really confused - this zensored feature is zensored ANOOYING holy poo. Is there any combination of words sufficient to make you understand how much i want to cover my monitor when there is flashing red stuff all over it???
Or did you spagettify this feature for the blind into the POS code and now it can’t be edited without tourning all keepstars upside down?
Are you too busy to write like 3 lines of code or too magnificent to write code that allows for what should be a ZERO EFFORT FIX!?

Here, i removed all the evil words so this doesnt have to be flagged no more


After much teeth gnashing, CCP chose a set of key words to represent capability ideas (‘specialization’,) and compact/enduring/restrained won out. IF the key words are used consistently, those words will take over. Since the tiericide process has resumed, I have hope that we won’t need to explain “naming exceptions” to new players, for much longer.

While you chose to focus on the total capacitor penalty which applies to most MWD modules, including ‘enduring’ - in its case the ‘enduring’ refers to a lower activation cost per cycle, thus theoretically costing less cap over time - endurance - when combined with regeneration rate.

‘Y-T8’ is a “flavor word” related to past naming conventions, that designers have been retaining to commemorate the original names of most modules. In each case the organization of the terms is distinct, for your MWD example: size class / flavor / ‘specialization’ descriptor / item class. EVE gets easier to understand when we don’t have to keep in mind a huge list of exceptions in module naming conventions. Opinions will differ on the use of particular words, but I will adapt as long as they’re consistent :slight_smile:

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While this feedback feels a bit too much like an attack (which I suppose is the intention of it :stuck_out_tongue: ), he has a valid point.

Why does the login campaign make part of the game (low tier booster production) much less valuable?

At least when the boosters were unusable (due to immediately applied and lower quality) this was not an issue, just like the single run unresearched blueprint copies are still useless.
If we would regularly get researched 10+ run (and thus actually useful) blueprint copies from the login campaign, the copy industry in EVE would run into similar issues.
Can’t we get free stuff that isn’t impacting the EVE market instead? Like the temporary skins?

Something new or unique, instead of something that is already produced by some players? Or alternatively, nothing?

I love the tiericide by the way, keep it up! :smiley:


:red_circle: We are destroying our suns so that moron LOL players can be accommodated in EVE. Way to go.

But what? Don’t suggest Agency Drugs. Dose Is are cheaper than Synth and give the same bonus.

When one sun falls, another will rise. Keep calm and carry on, bro.

I cannot fathom how you can justify using dev resources on doing tiericides, when you’re clearly missing the mark so spectacularly.
The original idea was for there to be a logical and clear cut order on the power of each modules. as in: Officer as the best, then deadspace, then faction and then the t2 and t1 modules.

Right now you’re making meta level 17 officer modules the very best, which is good.
But at the same time you’re making x types that are SO easily farmed level 16.

It instantly invalidates all but a few of the top end officer modules(because officer modules come from super rare npc’s and are not easily farmed…)

This is an instance where you as a company should have asked for feedback, before gimping and invalidating almost all the officer modules in one fell sweep.

I seriously cannot believe how you’re not correcting these errors.


I just wish they would get rid of the daily rewards in their entirety. Annoying clickfest - day after day all For crap. The only thing worth worth anything is the sp. But ccp can see when im logging in - if ccp wants to throw sp at me - why not just do it automatically when I log in? whats the point in having to click boxes on every account over and over again? And its not just the out of game reward screen - if they give you a loot box - you then have to click on the stupid box and then on these graphic nodes - all for some usually useless crap - like more fireworks . . . I got hangers full of boxes that I never opened. I recently killed an abandoned cit and it dumped dozens upon dozens of these stupid boxes. When Folk stop opening your gift boxes - perhaps it is time to stop giving them.


CCP is doing it wrong anyway - you are SUPPOSED to only give the skillpoints if the player logs in on every consecutive day. You are SUPPOSED to reset the counter every time the player skips a day. Duh. Basic stuff, people.