Version 19.07 - General Feedback

Hello, everyone,

We are transitioning to another monthly update (Version 19.07) today, and to keep things organized we are creating new set of feedback threads and patch notes. Today’s patch notes are light but more game content updates are currently being worked on and we will be talking about them in the near future!

Please use this thread to discuss all the things released until our next version in about a month.

Quick Info:

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Version 19.07 calls itself version 19.06. (or vice versa)

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  • Fixed an issue where hangar atmospheric sounds would disappear when opening the star map.
  • Increased the maximum volume level in-game videos can be set to. Set the default volume of videos to be at max volume.


  • Fixed an issue with the camera for male corporate business pants in the preview window.
  • Fixed a minor issue with FidelityFX.
  • Fixed the Cloak Stabilization Booster so that it displays the correct icon.

Wait … what ?

That’s all ?!


Oh here they are


Well, they actually accomplished the goal listed in that internal email from PA that stated " why can’t CCP release a new EVE build version that doesn’t add more issues to the game."

I , for one, applaude their success and hope it heralds a new era in future EVE versions.
( I actually understand the whole Icelandic summer break tradition; j/k about the thinness of the changes.):wink:


I am glad this is fixed now as it was very annoying, thank you.

This ! On OUR launcher ! Shocking !
Does this mean they want us gone from Eve ?

and …


  • Fixed an issue

One down, 23 to go.

As long as ccp doesn’t lose its sense of humor, neither will we, eh ?

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Yes. That doesn’t mean ‘that’s all’ for this month, just that that’s all for the initial patch of the month. And, because it’s the first patch of the month, it’s the one that gets the ‘v19.07’ tag applied. EVERYTHING this month is v19.07… but the initial bug fixes are all they’ve got right now. Expect more in the next 2 weeks.

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Set the bar a little low on this one didnt we?

Oh well - go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back CCP.

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Hmm, what can I say? Thank you?



So far so good.
Thanks @CCP_Dopamine

Credit where credit is due: Even without saying something about it in the patch notes, CCP seems to have fixed the Item/Ship Hangar problem (they close every time you dock) partially. You still can’t open them (because the Item is out of range) but at least they are now open when you dock in a structure.

Or maybe it’s not their work after all and it’s just because I was docked in an NPC station recently and that simply fixed it.

Issue Report:
After the update, chat servers became unstable for connections from east asia. Sometimes it works normally, sometimes it takes 5 minutes to load and still displays a frozen local chat of jita when I travelled to lowsec.

There are third-party solutions (Game accelerator software, hence indication packet loss being the potential issue), but that too is a hassle. Please revert whatever was done to the chat server, this is very much a critical issue for nullsec players, many of whom from my alliance also experienced it happening.

There was quite a substantial patch yesterday but no patch notes. This is becoming a theme now, isn’t it?

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so who screwed up the explosion effects, i blow up something with a big boom and i get weird panels of light in the boom :frowning:


To whoever thought it would be a great idea if one were to add popups on to the Overview:

Can we have an option to turn it OFF (e.g. in the Overview settings > Misc tab) to make the idea complete ? Thank you.


I’d settle for them to appear on the edge of the overview instead of right in the middle where they block all kinds of important information.


These bubble mirror effects are somewhat … frustrating.

Why is it that the launcher needs to download and install updates, but no patch notes are provided? This is a regular thing these days.