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Hello, everyone,

Our monthly update (Version 19.06) is live! Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion on anything released in this version. To promote a thoughtful discussion we will be enabling 10 mins Slow Mode in this thread for a week.

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So… about those Aegis NPCs

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Fixed the scanner window. Yay

CCP - could you correct the lights in the stations? Why have the stations suddenly got a Sansha vibe with their lighting?


Bubbles look bad:

Stations look worse. here’s a before and after:


CCP needs to save on electricity so they turned the lights off in structures :wink:


lol immagine all these fools who got into maraouders only to get nerfed to ■■■■ this patch
Have fun getting damped while you’re sieged, plebs.
Thank Bob i was smart enough to give my money to Rare instead of CCP - Sea of Thieves new season is loads of “Fun” - a concept as jet unkown in Iceland.


Tech III Cruiser ship destruction will no longer cause a skill level loss in a random subsystem skill.

Thank you, this change was definitely past due.

Fixed an issue that caused the Solar System Map to open automatically.

Hopefully this pertains to the Probe Scan map. If it does then great. If not then you guys need to check the Probe Scan map because it was opening automatically.

  • Adjusted a Bastion Module:
    • Target painter resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.
    • Sensor dampener resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.
    • Weapon disruption resistance has been reduced from -99% to -50%.
    • Bonus to sensor strength has been reduced from 1,000% to 100%.
    • Removed the ECM Immunity.

Don’t know why you guys keep insisting on swinging the Nerf Bat. Why was this change needed?

  • Introduced a new booster: Strong Veilguard Booster.
    • When consumed, this booster will increase the duration of the stabilized cloak effect when activating cloaking devices.
    • Booster is manufactured from a new blueprint.
    • Booster Duration: 30 Minutes
    • Stabilized Cloak Duration Bonus: 200%

Not sure what to think of this, other than it’s an extra step to take as well as an added expense to partly restore the recent nerf to Cloaks.

  • Characters in windows are now rendered with 4x supersampling when Antialiasing is set to “High.” (DX11 only)
  • Characters in windows now require substantially less video memory to render. (DX11 only)

This sounds good, will definitely check it out.


Bought both sea of thieves and valheim. Tried both. Valheim is way better imo


Allready introducing a new ISK sink to make Observatories interfere less with legit gameplay.

Did they fix afk camping?
Cloaky Venture: 5mil isk
Observatory: 50 mil ISK
Setting up zkill API + Discord bot: 5 minutes
Knowing where people are willing to pay for some privacy: PRICELESS

Only 17 bucks on steam rn. I’ll give it a shot - i have 6 characters unsubbed from EVE so im still saving money while looking for a new long term hobby :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried flying their ship through a bubble yet?

Those bubbles look like they might pop (highest quality settings):

Previously the bubbles gave the impression of a spherical area of effect. The current bubbles give the impression of a literal soap bubble in space.

My feedback: The edges of the new bubbles are too pronounced. Too bright. Tone it down a little, please.

  • Target painter resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.
  • Sensor dampener resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.
  • Weapon disruption resistance has been reduced from -99% to -50%.
  • Bonus to sensor strength has been reduced from 1,000% to 100%.
  • Removed the ECM Immunity
    ** Nerf nerf and… OH wha’ d’we have here, MORE NERFS!!**

You keep nerfing this game and we won’t have a game any more! Sh!t, the car is already running on fumes and two wheels!!

Strong Veilguard Booster
Yes… cut out on something on one side to sell something else to mitigate the nerf… You guys are really something else!!

Role bonus for fleet interceptors (Ares, Crow, Malediction, Stiletto) has been changed to include a reduction in scan resolution penalty while using Interdiction Nullifiers, the role bonus is now:

  • 80% reduction in Interdiction Nullifier
    MORE nerfing and cutting things out!! Ya want the shirt on my back too?!?

Removed “enable/disable light background” option from chat tabs when stacked.
But why!!! One useful thing and POOF! gone…

Hey guys, why not take out Mouse Support while you’re at it!


Well marauders sensor strength is so weak already that without bastion imunity they are put out of fight easily by every T1 frig with ECM. Now with bastion nerfed all those multibillion ships are just expensive trash. Not able to move and not able to lock and shoot at the same time. Awesome! :smiley:
Thanks CCP, you did it again. Keep a good work, so all except Korean whales paying for win will fly in noobships soon. :slight_smile:


They haven’t listened to any of the feedback on the visual effects and there was good constructive feedback on that thread . Instead they just went and visually customized the game for everyone when this is just personal prefference from player to player .
They should have just gave us more options on the display and graphics tab for us to customize them as we please .
This is just like going to a dinner and specifically telling that you are alergic to X and only to get your order with extra X.


Really not sure if such a strong nerf on the marauder was necessary but it’s not game breaking for me. I hope this will be looked at again before the next patch to assess how it has changed the use case.

I don’t know why people are whining about the booster. Everyone cried about cloaky camping so ccp made counter play. Cloaky campers then complained so they added an option to bring some of that “gameplay” back and they complain.



they’ll complain about anything.


Ccp, you are fckng kiddin me with the Bastion changes and the graphics downgrade.


you pay 50 million ISK, wait an hour for RNG to decloak your camper only to find a 5 mil Venture.
10 min later you lose your Carrier because the camper had zkill API and someone came to look why he got killed.
Great counter play!

The booster doesn’t do ■■■■ to stop observatories interfereing with legit gameplay - you still must decloak wich leaves enough time for combat scanners to hit.

Nothing stops afk campers from eating a booster and staying that much longer either. It’s an arbitrary change to an arbitrary number - but now you pay extra

Fix afk camping: FAIL
Don’t interfere with active gameplay: FAIL
Come up with some stupid reason to waste ISK: CCP Games Corporate Marketing Video 2021 (Totally Real) - YouTube


For me the only acceptable way to play Eve now in terms of visuals is with the following settings:

  • AA disabled
  • Post-processing low
  • Shader low
  • Texture high
  • LOD medium
  • Shadow low
  • Brightness increased a bit

Now, this basically potato mode and it’s personal prefference of mine , but it’s just simply unacceptable to play with these settings on a high end machine , because the developers screwed up the visuals.


Just one? Just a Bastion Module? How was that Bastion Module selected out of all of them? Did the guy who owns it piss off @CCP_Swift? Do we know who the owner is? It’s @Sothrasil, isn’t it? God knows if I was going to nerf a Bastion Module, I’d pick his. :stuck_out_tongue: