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Our monthly update (Version 19.05) is live! Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion on anything released in this version. To promote a thoughtful discussion we will be enabling 15 mins Slow Mode in this thread for a week.

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Welcome to bot online 2021.


CSM16 splash screen shows “Omega accounts older than 30 days”, patch notes read 60 days. Which is it?

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I just tried three Omega accounts and I get this message:

Doesn’t matter, i can’t vote with any of my omega toons…

Voting webpage is down, gives a 404 error…

Won’t let me vote says im not omega?

Odd. I get:

" 404

The wormhole you were looking for has collapsed. Scanning for a new one may take some time.

If you want to podjump back, click here"

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Rip hyper supers


Apparently Fastly is throwing a fit and takes a whole range of websites and other services down with it.

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Even in an ingame voting there is cheating.?. lol


Why is it that whenever I start working towards a playstyle or find a cool video of a playstyle on youtube that I want to try, I find that it’s already been nerfed out of the game or is about to be?

The idea of one day owning a nano super was one of my long term dream goals and it looks like this patch has finally killed that playstyle.

Not that it matters much anyway since the industry changes have made them virtually unaffordable to anyone not in a null bloc and the targets are getting rarer and rarer due to their own content being nerfed too.

I’m not really sure why I still play this game.
I have literally nothing left to work towards.


I came back to eve after a 4 year break. I’ve been playing less then 3 month and already thinking of unsubbing because of the way ccp launches stuff.

Stop launching stuff that is broken (as in not working as intended) on launch.
(CSM webpage, WCS and interdiction launch, The mining event with bugs that made it unplayable).

This is a way to lose customers. They only ship that keeps CPP floating is the Friendship between capuleers. Without our ingame friends it would not be worth going through bad and quickly cobbled together updates.

Please CCP: Show some respect for your players.


I am totally convinced that for sure, next time you will not screw up!

You can do it!


Does anyone else think that mobile observatories at 35mil a pop will just be an expensive way for null-sec to find out that cloaky campers are not fully AFK. but Hey… at least the campers now have a schedule to work with.



No mater which changes you like or dislike in Eve, the way CCP releases updates is the most amateurish, insulting ■■■■ I have ever seen in my life. Half finished, untested, ill-explained, half-baked changes that are dropped on players with no notice.

I’m not particularly bothered by the cloaking changes, but this is about the process, which is broken.


Infinite cloak stabilization bonus should be added to all caps and supers. Not only to prevent making already risky (especially considering recent price spike) solo supercap relocation even more punishable, but also to preserve hyperspatial super playstyle. Supers should not be only blob toys, let people play sandbox.


At least make the life time of the mobile observatory 3hrs.

All accounts are now unsubbed. Fixing afk cloaking by forcing actives to decloak to prove their active is bs. Well you already know that but released it anyway. Thank you for finally giving me a reason to divert my Eve time to something more useful. :slight_smile:


Don’t unsub! There is a login bonus going on right now where you can get a free shuttle! And a skin for it!