What is next for EveOnline

CCP did a lot of Nerf in 2020 and 2021. This past days thier are only 15000-16000 toons that is active in TQ. So what’s next? Did EveOnline became much healthier? Me as a subscriber, I’m curios on what really is CCP’s roadmap for this game for the coming years.


At this point, it seems like - those that know won’t tell and those that tell, don’t really know.

As players, anyone’s guess.


You always have a good way of putting things. :+1:

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I’m still waiting on the Orca nerf that was teased.


How much toons would that cost?:sweat_smile:

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CCP Rattati isn’t finished nerfing things yet…

There’s still a big mining ship nerf to come, among others I’m sure.

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Death to afk miners!

There were also teases to buffs to some ships that ‘didn’t quite measure up to their cost’ [paraphrase]. Namely battleships and T3’s.


CCP should take a pause. Players are being drowned by a lot of nerfs already. The market need to breathe. Its not easy to adjust on simultaneous nerfs.:sweat_smile:


I mean this is the guy who stated he was going to punish the players with “all stick and no carrots” for a few years and if you don’t like what he is doing you should just quit.

He has his nerf manifesto and doesn’t care at all what the players think about it. By making EVE worse now he says it will be better in the long run or something. :rofl:


It would be awesome if the mining capabilities of the boosting ships were gone, but the boosts got even better.

It would be cool to be able to mine a belt in lowsec very quickly and get out.

Not really a good idea on marketing. Instead of doing something good for the clients to pay more, It’s the other way around. it’s all just ego and not bussiness. In bussiness. People should be able to swallow thier pride for a good deal to happen.

They’ve successfully emptied their own game server of players in the name of scarcity
(an illusion).

I think soon, we, (the players who left), will all be put to blame by CCP for having quit the game …

Toxic relationships 101 …


So it’s sort of a this will hurt me more than it hurts you kind of ■■■■■■■■?

You mean before Snuffed shows up and curb stomps you for mining in “their” belts?

Where did you get this number?

This is the active number at the time I logged in. In the past its 20,000-35,0000.

Looks like we’re in a dip that was last seen in September 2019. Seems like it’s about to start going back up though.


Hope So. This is the lowest I have personally seen. Its lower than the 17000 drop when CCP tried to nerf the drone agression.

Some medicines don’t taste nice.

Something something ‘burst mining’…?

Yeah nothing to see here - everything is just fine because this game had players in 2019 lmfao.

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