Is there a development roadmap for the rest of 2018?

Just subscribed again (used to play back in 2013). EVE looks pretty cool today, but I am wondering about the future of EVE. Has CCP revealed any information about their plans beyond this most recent update?


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Tomorrow. It will be released tomorrow.

Edit: Ok… At downtime.

you know its strange the only reason i could see them holding of on announcing the rest of the road map is if there was some big event planed in the near future where they plan to make such announcements. but i mean its not like that is the case. Clearly you need to make a F&I thread containing no F or I about this issue

There is absolutely a roadmap for the rest of the year - anything major will already be in development. I expect CCP will share what they want is to know at Fanfest.

I expect a summer expansion anchored by faction Citadels - that has been well telegraphed. Bear in mind that CCP seems to use the traditional Nordic calendar for naming expansions and the Nordic summer starts April 19 this year.

Beyond that, we also know that removal of POS is a high priority which means a jump bridge replacement (player built stargate) is likely to be the next major feature we see. I don’t expect a firm date for that - soon™ is as good as it gets.

More citadels, oh joy :stuck_out_tongue:

this is still a very long term goal

they don’t only need gates but they also need some sort of rapid FOB. they also need to decided if they are going to leave science and industry in the same structure (this was originally only temporary) and with that they may have another line of research structures. all that need art and balancing.

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