Question about quadrant's and updates

Where do we see a roadmap or something btw I’m curious to see when faction warfare is allocated time for dev, sorry if its a dumb question I’m pretty new.

But see so much potential for FW.

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FW is allocated for every other Saturday from 02:15 to 02:16.

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They aren’t really developing this game anymore.


With the addition of a 2 year sub option and a major announcement coming at Fanfest, I hoping that we will finally get a roadmap back.

Yea hard to invest into 2 years without some type of road map, also if all the dev is going to null and high and nothing to low then it makes it very hard for me to invest in this game.

But they’ve upped the price for it. They better show something exciting or the exodus is going to continue.

I Mean they just showed a massive fw update :smiley: so I mean that seems pretty exciting!

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