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Hi Everyone

Is it just me is is Upcoming Features Sub Forum a ghost town, a year or so back almost every single change was post in there , now maybe 1 in 4 or 5.

Its not that I really think CCP will take my feedback (Nice to delude ourselves into thinking it might) but its a good conversation topic. Something to theory craft, bitch about, discuss ect adds life that part of the forums.

You can always go there and open a thread about upcoming content, you know. CCP doesn’t have a responsibility to keep its forums active and fresh, they develop games. I don’t think you’re getting any less Dev blogs or presentations, probably more than you would have a few years ago with the o7 show and fanfest presentations.

no you cant
and yes ive noticed theyve abandoned it

That Subforum is locked only Devs can post. You can post in the “Player Features” sub forum but that’s really just for people posting ideas on how to make a totally OP ship or how to stop AFK cloaking.

Something like the AF or Alpha Frig changes are something they would have posted on the forums before the Dev blog so they could get feedback, now its just changes be coming bitches.

Yea none of the new features that were coming in lifeblood apart from timer changes were even posted there, i useual keep a close eye on it since the last forums it was updated often but its like its been totaly forgotten about now.

I am sure there are some people that could be responsible for updates in CCP, but the way they publish them is now thru other channels or they dont publish the upcoming features because they had discussed it already at some point. And actually they dont have to, but they should take into account public discussion about these things. Players are not to be underestimated as testers and idea incubator.

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