[PSA] This is not Player Features & Ideas

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Hey all, I’ve noticed that there’s an abundance of proposals in this subforum at the current moment, and whilst I appreciate the enthusiasm, this is decidedly not a great place to post them. If you’d like to discuss problems/aspects of the game from a development point of view, or ask the CSM what they think of X, Y & Z, this is the place to do it. So, for example, this thread and this thread are very fitting. However, suggestions like this thread would be better suited for CCP Karkur (CCP of our hearts)'s Little Things thread, which is a UI/Small Tweak thread that is curated by the kind of person that is more likely to be able to push this sort of thing.

TL;DR - This isn’t Player Features & Ideas, and as much as I like reading that forum, I’d like it if we can keep this subforum to its intended purpose. Thank you :heart:

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Can we sticky this?

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Honestly, unless you lock all the proposals, i doubt most people will care, or rather, even take notice of this thread. You want to close Pandora’s box, so you have to do it properly.

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In the old forums I’d report to have them moved to F&I, but we can’t do that on the Discourse forums. Literally my only gripe about these forums tbh.

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@ISD please help this man.

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@yellow_parasol you need to @mention specific ISDs.

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@ISD_Stall please help this man!


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