[PROPOSAL] Nickname Clones

(Far Wanderer) #1

Esteemed CSM,

I propose that players be allowed to give nicknames to their clones.

These nicknames would only be visible on the Character Sheet > Jump Clones Tab > “Clone Located In” line that shows the location of each clone.

As you know, implants allow players to customize clones to certain roles. As a player’s ability to create more clones increases, it can be difficult to tell which clone belongs where; the graphics for Inherent Implants are the same and so offer no clue as to what they do, and the location of a given clone isn’t always a clue that this is the particular clone a player wants.

Couple this with the penalty (read: wait time) for choosing the wrong clone, and an otherwise useful element of the game temporarily changes into a mode of frustration.

Allowing for a nickname to be placed just before each Located-In line would allow players to more easily differentiate between their many clones, as they would not have to look at each clone’s mix of implants to determine if that is the clone the player wants to jump into.

Players have oft asked for the ability to rename their characters. While this proposal would not allow for a true rename, it would at least allow for players to add nicknames to clones that better fit what a clone is purposed for (or use the better/cooler name the player wishes they’d named their character to begin with).

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and for your hard work on behalf of the Eve community.

Far Wanderer

[PSA] This is not Player Features & Ideas
(Garen Lemmont) #2

Great NEWS!!!

This is already in-game!!!

Simply right-click: “Set Name”

(Far Wanderer) #3

Oh my goodness!

All this time and I never knew.

Thank you @Garen_Lemmont.

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