Instead of requesting name changes: Aliases

Edit: There’s some good replies looking at this from a different angle, particularly along the line of making it a once-during-the-first-month kind of thing, and some behind-the-scenes details and petition insight. I’m no longer sure the OP has the right approach, but leaving this here for historical purposes.

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Whenever the subject of name changes comes up, there’s usually some rightful concerns about it being used to obfuscate character history.

But what about an Alias system?

In addition to your character’s actual name, you could buy (for maybe 300 to 600 Plex) an Alias (maybe a maximum of 3) that appears in local (and maybe other places) instead. Alphas can only change their name to an Alias when they buy it, while Omega can change their active Alias (or resume use of their original name) on a cooldown, maybe daily or monthly.

Searches for a name will turn up matches even if that name or alias is not currently in use. When viewing a character’s info, all aliases owned by the character are visible, similar to corp history.

It will only hide who you are from people too lazy to Show Info, making it a mostly aesthetic feature; but one that I think could be a nice little paid-for feature, especially for people who bought a character or have that-email-from-high-school regret.

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Why is this needed? Who are you trying to scam ATM?

.1. Developers shouldn’t underestimate the vanity of their players or the amount of money they can make helping them feel pretty (or comfortable, or whatever). I’ve spent an embarrassing amount on rename tokens in other games, either to add a middle name, or change a first name to a nick name, or just to choose a more easily pronounced name because being mispronounced repeatedly gets old real fast, to make a set of characters have the same surname or to break them up from being considered a “family”.

.1.a. Character bazaar. You didn’t make it, you didn’t name it, and can’t request a rename because of search/history issues. Aliases don’t hide what it was originally called, but let you present yourself with a chosen moniker.

.2. All owned aliases would be visible on Show Info, all aliases (active or not) turn up your character in search, so you’re not hiding bad killboards or deceiving anyone who possesses the finger strength to right-click.

Except that this is a name change.
Obfuscating that by giving it a different name (yes, intentional) doesn’t make it any less of a name change feature.
And pretending that anyone who doesn’t right click while also fighting you is lazy is just a way to deflect and blame others.

So no, hell no, and stronger not permitted no.

What else is there to a name besides the attached corp history and killboard?

If you’re actively fighting them, why does it matter what their name was yesterday? Addendum: “Too lazy to right click” is intended for when they pop up in local, which people should already be doing just to see the corp of the person who entered local. During an engagement, it no longer matters who they are, just that they’ve got a red box on them.

Go and read all the old threads, you are not proposing some amazing new idea, just other people didn’t try and pretend they weren’t asking for a name change feature

I would be very surprised and sad if CCP allowed you to pay to change your name. Eve is and has always been a game about consequences. This feature of Eve is true all the way back to Hættuspil (The board game CCP designed to help fund Eve).

  • If you make a name you’re ashamed of for reason x,y or z, then you should have to live with that name.
  • If you have a character that has a bad reputation because of your actions, then you should have to live with that.

In a world of fast communication (Both in game & on the forums, twitter and where ever else), there is no advantage to allowing people to change their names, especially when you consider that there would have to be a mechanism to check people’s identities out of game.

That being said, you can pay to have your name changed!
Using skill extractors and injectors you can effectively move a large chunk of your skill points from one character to another. It is expensive, but it works.


Do you play this game, or are you just being facetious?

Give me your guess as to what that would cost for a moderate amount of SP, say 120 million. You may answer in USD, Plex at current Jita, or any combination.


I play Eve, have for many many years. I would argue that if you have invested enough time / isk into getting 120 million skill points then you should probably make sure you’re happy with your name before now.

The cost fluctuates and as I said above it is expensive but it is a viable option should you want to have a new character without having to start from scratch. Just in case you don’t know you can extract 500,000 skill points per extractor. This turns the extractor into injector a Skill Injectors. At a base rate for a new character you’re able to use those injectors for their full value. Once your skill points increase there is diminishing return. This is where the cost comes into it:

a) The cost of the extractor. (I am not in game so I cannot look it up at the moment)
b) Skill Points lost due to diminishing returns.

The skill injectors enable you to quite easily hide your identity, but again they are expensive.

Stop evading the question. Give me an estimate of the cost, then I’ll price it for you and we’ll see

a) how close you are

b) how silly your suggestion is

For the record, I’m mostly against name changes / aliases.

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Yet someone managed day one of skill injectors to make a max SP character…
Ok it might have been a vanity project, but in the scale of EVE it’s certainly doable by people out there to instantly make 120M SP characters if they really want to. Sure it’s ‘silly’ to regard it as a routine thing but people are that rich.
That is however at that point a new character.

I don’t think he paid in rl cash via Plex. Aren’t you thinking of 1ronbank? If so, then that hardly represents the average Joe does it? It doesn’t even represent the 1% of the 1%…

Cristl, I never said it was cheap in-fact in my first comment I stated it was expansive. As soon as you get to 80m SP it becomes prohibitively expensive.

Once you get to moving 120m SP, you need 230 Extractors (remember you need to leave 5m SP due to limitations). Now looking at prices in The Forge, that would cost you about 83 billion isk. Due to diminishing returns, I believe you would only get about 80m skill points back.

The question has to be asked, who would allow themselves to accrue that many skill points before they chose a name, or decide they need a name change?

Now if you look at a younger pilot with a lower number of skill points, lets say 30m SP. You can extract 25m, so 25*2 = 50 extractors. This is less than 18b. That will allow you to move about 20m SP onto a new character, with a new name and a blank slate.

Now I never said it was cheap, but as it stands it is currently the only way. This is a discussion that has come up many times.

The only other way to have your name changed, would be to have one offensive enough that it was renamed to Caldari Citizen and then a string of numbers.

I’m digging through the old forums trying to work my way back to an age before “check old threads”, so thank you, @ISD_Stall , for actually writing something up.

I’m seeing a lot of people say “consequences”, but isn’t that because people don’t want the history of the character lost/hidden, and isn’t that addressed if all names point to the same character? If I get a haircut, that doesn’t change who I podded last month or losing an expensive freighter. A name is just another aesthetic component - in most games, anyways; so it’s rather jarring seeing “character names” put on a pedestal and - in some of these old threads - viciously defended. Most of the ways that Eve is different are what drew me to it, but this one of the differences that makes me ask “why?” Then again, I distinctly remember the first name change I ever got in an MMO, when my character got married. Rename tokens are something I kind of assume are a thing.

I’m thinking that if we ever get to Eve 2, capsuleers should have a permanent “call sign” as their unique ID, separate from their name as a person; 12 characters max, no spaces or special characters allowed. Local and the overview (if they survive in any form) would only show the call sign, while chat would be something like “Kara Thrace (Starbuck)” unless you change chat settings to only show one or the other. The person name would be something that could be changed for a small fee, since it’s only in the bio and (optionally) in chat, while the call sign is the database unique ID. (… I just realized I’m almost describing Star Trek Online, except the role-play name can be changed freely at any time.)

@Cristl - I knew without looking anything up it wasn’t going to be in the $10 to $30 range. Out of my own interest (and in my own SP range), for 30m SP pulled from a ~35m character, it would be $270 if buying with USD in packs of 10 (x6 = 60 total) from - And 30m extracted doesn’t equal 30m injected, although it doesn’t hit the highest penalties like I think 120m would.

That price isn’t worth changing a character’s name from its full form to its diminutive - 4 letters aren’t worth $270 (unless you’re the FCC, ha-ha) and it would mean starting a new killboard. But I would be willing to spend that if I was going to biomass a character with an irrevocably ruined reputation; but I doubt I’m ever going to do something important enough for that to happen. If I ever go down the roleplaying rabbit hole deep enough to get space-married, that might also be worth $270, and like, have to link the Doomheim’d character’s bio in the new one’s bio. Luckily I don’t have the time for that these days and that’s not why I play Eve, although the thought of a politically-motivated marriage played out at the resolution of a war or to represent a new alliance would be cool.

In any case, I had no idea this came up every two or three months on the old forums; I only saw one thread that was like “no, character history”. The posts from 2016 haven’t been very enlightening, other than that the Chinese server has a janky implementation of name change history, but there’s a lot more years to go.

So just dive into this a bit, there is such a thing as a Unique Character ID. Even if the Game Masters change a pilot’s name, the ID will always stay the same. For example, your character ID is: 2112729508

This does in affect work as a unique ID that never changes, like the call sign you mentioned above. However, as you could imagine remembering a number is considerably harder for a human than remembering a name. This is why we have fixed names. Imagine going to Fanfest and saying, hi do you remember me I am 7329402, it just wouldn’t work.

That brings me back to leaving a paper trail. That could work in game, but it could take precious seconds to find out someones information that could be the defence between life and death. But again, once you start dealing with people out of the game, how do you look at there history to find out who they are.

I hope this provides a little more background into why most players who have been around a while would suggest that name changes for a small fee would be a bad idea.

Anyone who started before SP reallocation was possible (prior to 2016), and who’s dissatisfied with their name?

Will give you that one. - I would hope that anyone who took the time to train that many skill points would have been happy with their decisions, but you never know

A name is your history and how people identify you. it is not just your corp history, it’s what people use to tell others what kind of person you are. how they refer to you. your name gives people the ability to look up your corp history to contact your former CEOs. calling it alias, instead of a namechange, is just a deflection from the fact that you don’t want your name to be visible in local. in the end is it the same thing.

Your rather weak attempt at outsmarting people doesn’t go unnoticed. I mean, it’s either that or you’re completely anti-social and don’t understand how integral a name is for everyday life.

tbh, I want a name change system in Eve.

As long as history is maintained, and you can find someone via search, with the old name.

And not a free system, to reduce people spamming it.

Oh, and gender change (I’ve had a fair number of people asking me for this, over the years). Gender change, without name change, doesn’t work so well.

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/me imagines a blonde, long haired, big busted female char named Steve.

Uhm… yeah