Time to add Character Renaming Service

every mmo has it at this point, even though eve is quite different due there being spying in the game, however, why not have it to where once a year have the opportunity to use an eve service in the eden store to change your name, then in-game add a new renaming history tab like we have an employment history to keep spying games balanced in the game, we could pay like $7 for the name change, then in your account profile it’ll tell you how many days left until you can buy another name change

once the name change happens, your employment history tab remains unchanged, but any corp/player that has standing on you is wiped, it’ll be a way of starting over in eve as a ongoing spy or former spy that got nuked

That alone disqualifies your idea as feasible or beneficial for the game.


No. There are a reason that standings are in the game. That’s like saying someone on the FAA No-Fly list can change their name and be magically off the No-Fly list.

Just make a new account. Good spies make so much money that getting the skill injectors for entirely new characters is no big deal.

Aside from that, I kinda like the idea, but make it much more limited in use, say once per 2 or 3 years (and if you do it within the first month of your character’s life, the first one is free).

Everyone with personal standing to that person should be notified upon change.
All standings remain the same.
There should be a visible tag on the “show info” page if the character has changed name in the last six months, next to their status icon (at war, neutral, good standing, etc.)

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No. Ccp has recently stated, in another worn out thread on renaming, they have no plans to do so atm.


That’s fair enough, and completely makes sense.

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