Attention counsil memebers!

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #1

Please will a counsel member PM me i have a few questions and would like to make a proposal and hopefully gain support of the cousel.

(Keno Skir) #2

What like CSM council? There’s a features and ideas forum, this is the New Citizens Q&A.

(Do Little) #3

There is a CSM forum where you can submit proposals. There is also a Player Features and Ideas forum that is monitored by the CSM and the developers. You can also contact CSM members by Eve-mail in game.

I recommend that you post your proposal in the public forums for peer review. If it passes muster with other players, it has a much better chance of being considered by the developers.

Edit: be warned that player feedback can be brutal. Make sure you have done a thorough Google search to make sure the idea hasn’t already been presented a hundred times. There are many recurring themes that show up over and over…

(Steve Ronuken) #4


(You know we have Evemail too? Nice simple way for players to get in contact with us, without requiring us to PM you first)

(Memphis Baas) #5

Forum does not have PM features enabled for players, as far as I know.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #6

well technically. the topic i wanna discuss has already passed muster because throughout the years people have stated that they want something done about it. its long past due and it cannot be ignored anymore.

and i’m still learning to navigate these forums.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #7

havn’t played in a while. and yes i do know this but honestly i’m a little discouraged and half feel like i would never be answered. ignored or possibly even just shut down all together.

besides i don’t know all of the CSM’s

(Wander Prian) #8

AFK-cloaking or PLEX-prices?

(Do Little) #9

If the topic has been raised several times and nothing has been done, it’s a safe bet CCP doesn’t agree something needs to be done or they consider it a low priority feature that may make it to the top of the backlog someday but don’t hold your breath. If you present it yourself, you’ll likely achieve the same result. If you convince a few thousand other players to support your position you will get noticed. Players do have agency in this game.

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #10

My money is on meanie wardeccers ruining his game.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #11

thats kinda what i’m hoping to accomplish here

i love this game. i really do. but as it stands right now i’m not playing. things got boring, i wanted to travel all over new eden do a bunch of things and never stay in one place too long. you know what i got?
stuck in low sec in FW going back and forth with collecting LP and getting into a few fleet fights. thats it. and i never made enough money to sustain my own ships i always had to rely on a corporation or alliance to fuel my ships most of the time never flying the ships i wanted to fly. it sucks.

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #12

If you are trying to raise attention to your issue, it might help if you mention at some point what your issue is.

This isn’t the right forum section for any of this, of course, but you’ve come this far so you might as well spit it out.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #13

Its the issue of bounty hunting. There are constant posts videos, and articles on this dating back to 2012. Obviously its something people feel passionate about and it needs to be adressed and fixed

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #14

Oh. That. There’s no way to fix it with game mechanics. Make it profitable and people just collect their own bounties with alts.

The real, player-generated fix has already been implemented. Be a merc and solicit isk from other players directly in exchange for killing their enemies. This is the best possible system for EVE anyway. Player generated content beats CCP generated content every single time.

I do like the in-game bounties as a sort of scorecard though. I know I’m doing it right when my bounty goes up.

(Mike Azariah) #15

has contacts for the csm.

but, if the idea has been done to death or they think it is a dumb or repetitive one they have the right to ignore you

welcome to politics


(StonerPhReaK) #16

Eeek. The bounty discussion. Almost as bad as nerf afk cloaking and just as juicy a conversation as removing local from nullsec. Share with us your idea to make it a viable career. The most I’ve ever gotten in the form of bounties was from helping in the help channel. I considered it a tip for answering the question correctly and straight to the point. Don’t leave out the part in your plan as to how bounties are acquired. I say that because currently you can bounty anyone for any reason. Which although kinda silly its current form is still better than what we had before.

(Steve Ronuken) #17

To cover a couple of common ones:

if the idea is ‘increase the payout’, this isn’t a viable option, as people will just use an alt to claim it.

If the idea is ‘make people with a bounty valid targets’, that’s not a viable option, as people will use it to destroy high sec. If you have a ship with any value in it, someone will put a bounty on you to make you a valid target. Say goodbye to any shipping, or mission running, or incursions. People would use it just for shits and giggles

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #18

well i had a long drawn out discussion on it here:

however i think the problem with alot of ideas is they tend to be over complicated. and i think i just had an epiphany. i need to think simpler. and i think i’m on to something. i’ll post agian when i get it right.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #19

okay i got it. its simple not some long drawn out thing that means reworking the entire system. i need to think simple. that would only require a couple of additions and some minor changes. keep the current system. everyone is right it does work except for those two reasons you mentioned. that being said i think i got it.

make bounty hunting an actual career. which means making it a lot like FW make a bounty hunting faction, and like FW you have to have a certain standing with all main factions, and a sec status of x amount to be in the bounty hunting faction. so now only bounty hunters can claim bounties. no one else.

next up

right now all careers and your effectiveness in these careers are determined by your skills. so bring skills into the mix as to your payout amount. the higher skills you have in negotiations, charisma, etc determines what % you get out of the bounty. after you claim the bounty and the %, the rest of the isk disapears and goes to the bounty hunting faction. which means its a one time kill for the bounty. (kinda like real life, the hunter gets a agreed on % and the rest goes back to the bail bondsman, and the state) so this will prob keep people from placing 2bil bounties all by themselves. and the bounty will pile up from alot of people until its big enough for a bounty hunter to take the bounty.

next up. your second point. it does seem that making the bounties targetable in highsec is bad. but right now when certain criterea are met you get a kill right, i believe its when you gank someone in low sec and highsec and the person that was killed gets a kill right. well how about instead of the player getting the kill right you get an option to place a bounty, and you can place whatever amount you want just like it is now, but you can’t just place them willy nilly in highsec and low sec. now the payout system remains the same except for skills now affecting what % you get the kill right on that player can now be activated by a bounty hunter in the bounty hunter faction. and that person can now engage that person anywhere. even high sec. making bounties only placeable when certain criteria are met keeps traders, shippers, and mission runners safe from bounties being placed on them willie nilly.

now bounty hunters can still look through the bounty list and bounties can look at the bounty hunters. and with the current system still mostly in tact just changing the way the money is handled so to speak. and who gets the payout. i think exploits are not a problem.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #20