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Good day,

As the title says, I am not running for CSM. I have been chatting with a few people that are and sharing ideas I have long had (and shared with Brisc- sometimes he tells me NO MORE AOE), but I would like to share in the hopes that they become thoughts for CCP or a CSM to just use as an earwig to gain traction. There will be some walls of text, I apologize. Some ideas are worth talking about.

1: New Player Experience

  • I would propose either paid staff, which is a stretch because of financial resources and I understand that, or paid volunteer staff. By paid, I mean that would would grant up to X (maybe 4) accounts per month as a plexed account at no charge in return for them providing Y (4-8) hours of support in the new player corporations.
    – These would be seen as actual Concord characters and could only be used for this purpose, nothing else. They would be entirely based around the idea of providing genuine support, feedback, ideas, and direction for new players. A new player would have zero worry of trickery, that would be part of the agreement with the volunteers. The entire idea would be to usher in new players and keep them engaged and playing.
    – These accounts would be generic 20-30m sp characters and allow for the Concord characters to actually group with new players and help them do things that the new player would like to, try out mining and ratting and mission running.
    – Give these people a little freedom to play around with the role. Give them a stock of pre-made t1 meta 4 fit ships that a new player or alpha could use. Take out a new player or more for some shooting action and help them lose a ship that you gave them.
    – Set up a generic voice coms service like Discord services with a few dozen channels to allow a Concord pilot to help get a player into voice coms if they would like. (multiple languages obviously).
  1. Small group viability
  • I would like to see a new feature introduced that is aimed more at smaller groups. While I understand almost anything that you can do as a small group, a large group made up of many small groups could do and abuse, I do have an idea on that.
    – Abyssal missions: With the introduction of abyssal incursions coming, how about empire mission runners to fight this. Similar to security missions.
    – These missions would be handed out in High Security space only and would be doable in a group of either 5 or 10.
    – These missions would take place in low sec or null sec, randomly determined by the mission, but would be 15-30 jumps from the mission giver. You could have an alt in the fleet accept the mission in High Sec and your group be on the boundary waiting to head out. Missions would share the same space, i.e. Amarr mission givers would only have missions in Amarr type space in Low/Null.
    – You would select from the Mission giver for 5 or 10 man.
    – This would require travel to the location system, so - dangerous and risky. Unless you owned all of that space. So this portion would need some thought on how to keep it risky.
    – This would be an INSTANCED type event. Only your group goes in.
    – Not an isk generator, only loot drops.
    – Timer would be generous, think 1 hour when it’s expected to be cleared in 30-45 minutes. Timer starts when you enter.
    – Only the 5 or 10 ships can enter, so if one is destroyed; you continue on with less ships.
    – Multiple stages including final gate with a larger harder fight. Perhaps allow for an opt out gate on the next to last stage.
    – When the group exits it should show something on overview for people watching, like a cyno- a big tear in space per se.
  1. Make Low Sec worth controlling.
  • I would like to see a new asset introduced that requires heavy usage and control of low sec, without seeing it turn into a capital slugfest.
    – New asset introduced could be something mined.
    – Asset is within a cloud of gravitonic radiation, meaning it deals damage based on sig and is 500k wide. No capital could survive in this for more than 5-6 ticks. A barge could survive without reps for 20-30 minutes.
    – Gravitonic Radiation cloud prevents cynosural field from opening.
    – New asset could be a specific resource to introduce T3 ammunition (which would be immensely sought after).
    – That said, this T3 ammunition would require both the new asset AND the LP purchased faction ammunition for turn in/industry build- this way it ensures LP/FW thrives.
  1. Marauder enhancement
  • I’d like to see some minor tweaks to the Marauder that increase it’s usage and make it something more than it is.
    – Change the bastion module to prevent the ship from using it from warping, but not from moving.
    – Give the bastion module a 30 or 60 second spool up.
    – Give the bastion module a 50km cyno inhibitor
    – Give the bastion module a new ability that infers fighter resistances to the marauder. (Use the coding for superiority fighters - but apply it to ALL fighters/bombers shooting the marauder, so reduce their damage a lot.)
  1. Re-introduce loss, with one opt-out.
  • I would like to see structure losses mean something outside of wormhole space.
    – All citadels that are destroyed will result in 30 % of the total assets being lost by the player/corporation. That 30 % is is not instantly destroyed but goes through the RNG process of what drops or does not drop.
    – One opt out, this is for people that have an immediate life crisis. Allow for someone to preserve their assets at the old 15 % rate once per year. This would lock ALL assets they have immediately, meaning they could not use anything. When their real life crisis/need/school is over, they can turn it off. It would last until they return - this would mean that you don’t have people returning to them game with everything they worked for gone, but it freezes someone from playing the game to prevent abuse. Also, it can only be used once per year. This idea could use some work I am sure, but it’s an idea.
  1. ADM and time zone tanking.
  • I would like to see time zone tanking take a different course and create more off peak hours fights. Less 1k vs 1k fights and more 200-300 vs. 200-300.
    – Introduce a new citadel, such as propaganda. It can be anchored anywhere, but it doesn’t do anything except in a system that has different sovereignty in a neighboring system that is not allied. (use ACL?).
    – The citadel will work based on the ADMs in it’s own system vs. that of the neighboring.
    – The more ADM work you do in that system before an invasion, the more it pulls the vulnerability window toward the time zone you want. Something like 4 or 8 hour max shift?
    – If you maximize the ADM in the system and the opposing system has less than 20 % of maximum ADM, this could even create such a morale disruption that it creates the effect of every citadel in that system operating as under low power in terms of how many timers (shield/armor/hull) it has. This would represent fleeing military and civilians.
    – The higher the ADM in the enemy system, the less this does to help you.
    – Creates incentive to deny ADM building, so you have forces in the field.
    – Creates incentive to rat or mine right next door to the enemy, creating opportunity for a fight.
    – Maximum effect would be a shift of vulnerability by 4-8 hours and no shield timer.

There are two problems I can see with a “crisis” opt out idea.

First, you’ve got to make sure not to allow people to opt-out while the structure is being attacked. Otherwise I’d almost expect everyone will “opt-out” and just refuse to defend it if there’s a good chance they’d fail to if they tried.

Second, I wouldn’t imagine most people undergoing an actual RL crisis would always be able to invest the time into EVE to go through the process.

A vacant babysitter job worth 4 plexed account. Woohooo Im in.

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