Corporal Fillip for CSM 18

Hi, there! My effort has always been about retaining new players.

I help in Rookie Help, have a gift program, and run fleets with rookies. My corp is a holding place for rookies, while they look around the game and meat people.

I hope to add something to new game development, also.

This is 14 years in, and I think I have found a niche I like.

Let me help, please?


Welcome to the race, Corp.


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I have years of experience dealing with new players, and I think new players are the best way CSM can work to improve the game, medium- and long-term.

I also have run a gift program for many years, so I know ways players can help that effort.

I’d love to bring some more ideas into the CSM.

I am also often in contact with Devs from the outside, I can promise continued liaison work in the future.

When I was a few days old, Mr. Fillip gave me a station hangar blueprint.

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  1. What has CCP got correct?
  2. What has CCP got incorrect?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?
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Can you give us some specifics regarding what suggestions you intend to provide during your time on the CSM?

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Will you stop RMT and Gambling operations being run off TOR and other means, Corporal Fillip?

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Trying hard to be brief:
1: sandbox; 2: too-strict adherence to ‘risk means isk’
3: more things to find, even if temporary 4: FW affects high-sec a lot
5: market is done well 6: crossover content (a la Dr What)
7: mostly reduce steps for design 8: little thought on it, but the tabs are not graphically showing relationships and responsibilities

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Fairly sure that kind of stuff isn’t part of the CSM, but the dangers of RMT are apparent from many other games, so it is important.

Want me to publicize my better ideas right up front?
(Yeah, I would, too.)

I’d like more random stuff – surprise ore, surprise items, unusual sites, an accomplishment for trophy sites, maybe sources for moon goo/elements, mats for tech 2, some of those are tightly controlled.

I believe more randomness and more surprises could keep new players interested, and I am pretty sure new players are the biggest key to Eve surviving.

You know, a lot of people I deal with have not made themselves so infamous.
Even ones who spoke of taking over something big.

Not sure I want that kind of credit, but there it is.

CMS 18
You are all welcome to advertise
introduce yourself on one of the largest German Discord servers
And to advertise 1300+ are waiting for you Respect Honor Passion

The candidates are invited LIVE in the stream

And with LIVE translation English to German !!
introduce yourself in an interview and ask questions
to be answered by German speaking players
(Neo ceo RHP)

I started ganking because Mr Fillip gave me a station hangar container blueprint, and then he was like, “Be careful where you make it, it is really big!” and he left me, an INNOCENT new player, all alone with a mysterious blueprint that was too big, so what to do? Well, I left Conoban to look for a better place to make a station hangar, and so I went to Amarr, and that’s where I found the gankers. True story!

  • [ 2018.06.21 06:57:02 ] Corporal Fillip > Hi, Rookies
  • [ 2018.06.21 06:57:09 ] Corporal Fillip > I have come to share gift bundles, speak up if you are new
  • [ 2018.06.21 07:03:22 ] Corporal Fillip > Aiko Danuja one item is junk, just trash that – and do not build the warehouse here, wait for a busy home station
  • [ 2018.06.21 08:13:29 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Mora
  • [ 2018.06.21 08:21:13 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Sehmy
  • [ 2018.06.21 08:22:13 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Kor-Azor Prime
  • [ 2018.06.21 09:24:57 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Amarr
  • [ 2018.06.21 09:25:25 ] FleetJump Jump > :slight_smile:

The universe is mine!

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Your answers have been added to the thread

Oh, Wow, the innocent comments that lead to depravity (chkl).

It is still quite a compliment to be remembered, I thank you.

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