CSM 15: Ikarus Cesaille | High Security, new players and corporation mechanisms

I’m a corporation CEO and a coalition executor that doesn’t get to undock much. I am running for CSM15 to represent High Security space, new players and the technical side of ingame mechanisms related to corporation and community management.

I have a heavy focus on removing waste from systems and making them easier for players to understand and use. I value clear communication, honesty, and facts over rumors. I want to serve those who struggle to survive in the harsh environment of New Eden, especially during the first weeks of their journeys and provide them with a voice that will be heard. I exist to help you to find your own place within New Eden so that you as well can write your own story.

As you have a 30k character limit on these forums this post only includes the core points of my campaign.

For those of you who prefer a lot of details and long post i have constructed a campaign page that contains a lot more detailed information about me and my goals in EVE.

My campaign page can be found in here https://ikaruscesaille.com/

Short version tl;dr:

My Story

My EVE story is a mix of luck, long term determination and finding the right players at the right time. Since I started to play in 2013 I have always had the same core principles on my mind that have driven me forward in my career. If it would not been the players I have found during my journey or the changes that had been forced on me against my will it could be very much that my journey had ended way sooner. New Eden is a never ending harsh environment that always gives you more challenges and slaps you in your face when you think you have all figured it out. It is these challenges and the feedback from the players that I have tried to help in my best capabilities that have kept me playing for all of these years and will most likely keep me interested in the game for a good part of my adult life.

My take on EVE has been always more or less professional and I often refer it as another job of mine; a job similar to the real life job I have which I passionately enjoy doing. My goals since my first corporation have been helping out other people getting started with their EVE journey so that they as well could tackle the complex obstacles and learning curve the game hits you with. My intent is not to hold hands or remove any of the complexity from the game. I simply seek to simplify the process and remove any excessive waste from it so that the players can then make the right decisions based on their own desires.

My Expertises

If you have read my story you probably noticed that during my whole time since I started to play to this very day I have had a goal of helping other people and managing corporations. I started with no experience about EVE, coding or running any sort of communities. But I had one thing: ambition and endurance to follow the goals I set during my 14 day EVE Online trial in 2013.

Playing EVE has taught me a lot and inspired even more. I have learned to code, manage IT services and communicate clearer that have all been skills that I have managed to take advantage of also in real life. During the years of playing I have grown more and more to be found of the background work what it takes to make the wheels turn both in the game and in real life. My focus in EVE has over the time changed from playing a game into managing a game and into understanding the logic, mechanisms and structures behind the pretty graphics.

These are my three core expertises:

Understanding the new players

The first expertise that I have has always been part of my eve journey: helping players to understand the complexity of EVE and showing them different paths to take. In order to help as many players as possible as effectively as possible the obvious solution for me has been to create different processes that I can help people get thorough. These processes have been aimed at simplifying the complexity of the game and to make the learning curve less steep so that the players can get the spark to play and from there find their own ways.

Understanding the mechanisms

My second expertise comes from understanding the mechanisms and logic of the different systems of the game . In order to simplify the complex processes I will need to know exactly what the processes are, how I can use them to provide services and guidance for people and most important how I can improve them. As my take on EVE has always been more or less professional I have wanted to take out most of what I can squeeze from the ingame systems to pass them down to other players to experience. The different obstacles that have been put ahead of me have thought me how to bend and manipulate the systems for the best outcome. This has given me a good view of what can be done with the mechanisms given to us in the game and what simply doesn’t work.

Understanding the technical side

My third expertise come from understanding the technical side of the game. Due to the inflexibility of a lot of the ingame systems and the flexibility of the EVE API it has been more than obvious to create multiple programs to overcome the issues inside the game. When I first started to play EVE I had no clue how to write even a simple web page but over the years I have managed to create more and more complex systems. This has also allowed to me to grow interests into the work that goes into the background development of systems and turned my focus more from playing the game into developing the game.

Why am I applying to CSM

I have three core reasonsfor applying:

To help to polish the systems that players struggle with during their first weeks of eve

I strongly feel that the corporations and the players in them are the core force that keeps player playing EVE and prevents new players from quitting the game. I want to make it easier for players to find a right corporation and community for themselves where they would enjoy playing the game.

To improve and polish the mechanisms that are used to manage communities

The tools to create and manage corporations and communities that serves as the backbone in EVE are present but far from being what they should be. I want to reconstruct and polish these tools so that the players who exists to create the content and communities in EVE are able to do it to their full potential.

To focus on information flow and quality of life upgrades for understanding the figures you see in the game

A lot of the mechanisms and information shown in game are either limited or contain a lot of waste that overly complicated ingame tasks. I want to remove the waste and the extra steps from processes and make them easier to understand and use.

What can the players expect from me

My expertise covers corporation management and providing players with the systems to be able to have a decent new player experience. My experience in doing this means that I have quite a good understanding of how new players approach and interact with the game in its current state. Due to this I believe I can provide valuable input on how the new player experience should be improved.

My goals here are to look at the current systems and find the faults which stop people from fully utilizing the tools which are provided in game. Ultimately, I strive to ensure that at a corporation leadership level, people can provide for their members in ways that they haven’t been able to before. I believe that if these systems are fixed then community managers will be able to give the full potential of EVE to their players; new or old.

Corporation Mechanism Overhaul

For me EVE is all about the players you play it with and most of those players are in corporations. I want to overhaul the corporation mechanism so that it has an intrinsic value and can be used to its full potential by the community managers.

Utilizing Access Lists More

Access Lists mechanism is an wonderful tool that makes managing larger corporations and communities easier. I want to utilize this tool also in other areas such as standings and ingame channels.

A more flexible chat system

A big part of EVE is about communicating, building relationships and using the chat systems. I want to enchant these systems with tools similar in Discord such as ACL, more groups, colored names and utility tools.


You got some serious points here, be sure to have my attention.

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Please note that you will be only serving as an advisor to the developers and will not be empowered to make these actual changes if they are not on the to-do list. You may want to revise your post accordingly.

For more information see: https://imperium.news/so-you-want-to-run-for-csm-heres-what-you-need-to-know/


Yes i do understand that but i feel that it is easier for people to understand what kinda things i might be good at when i also give them some concrete examples about the things i would like to see. Reading the notes from the latest CSM14 meetings there was a lot of talks about the things around these suggestions as well.

My expertise lies in the current corporate and community mechanisms and these have been some examples how id love to see them changed or reworked. As i believe that corporations are what keeps the game alive i think their mechanisms should also receive some love as the easier it is to operate corporations and get people into the corporations to more things people get to experience. Currently i feel like it is a bit too hard for someone who is completely new to eve and doesn’t know what reddit is to find a proper corporation as a lot of new players do not even understand what corporations are.

That is indeed a very good post and i have added it on our discord for our newer guys to read as well.


Hope to hear more from you, As I have seen the chaos you deal with first hand. Maybe you can get things moving in a positive direction.

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Ikarus nice to see you are running for CSM, i think you can propose a lot of good ideas there , you have my vote and my assistance :slight_smile:


Cheers, i am hoping to bring in some fresh perspective and ideas from the organizing point of view :slight_smile:

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A more flexible chat system

They can’t even do a less flexible chat system without breaking it

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I find Ikarus to be intelligent, insightful and interesting. I have seen the structure he brings to a very large alliance and I am happy to say finding my way around is simple and exciting for such a complex system, well done. I hope to see your influence in the many changes ahead of us.


Yeah this is very true but one must keep on dreaming of a better future.

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I think that if you are successful it would be good to talk with you at the table. However, I would encourage you to consider Tiberyya’s words and couch any suggestions or requests you make within a plaintive and humble tone.

I’ll refer to this statement in particular:

To be clear: that is CCP’s job and they have the tools to do just that, what they will likely request from the CSM is feedback on the changes they plan to make to address said issues, and suggestions for how these changes might be expanded to reach a greater audience. However, your input into this may be far more constrained than you believe.

Know that as someone who is primarily focused on the community and the experience of new players, I’ll put you on my ballot.

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Yes indeed CCP has the tools and the data to back things up but they might not have as much as daily experience at working with the actual systems to know where the data is building from.

For example a lot of new players may apply to a corporation but not join them for various reasons such as they do not understand that they need to accept the invitation even after they have applied or they accidentally withdraw their application since the withdraw button location is in the logical location where the accept button should be. I personally keep on clicking on withdraw more often than i should when hoping corps with my alts. Things like this are the small issues that may end up building great problems on the macro scale and id like to voice these issues as well.

Getting a full corporation mechanism rework or any huge new features are more of a wet dreams than things i could promise people to receive but it gives them an idea of the mindset what im in as focusing on the more mechanical side of the game is a bit different than most people are used to and it might be a bit harder to understand the benefits of it.


A full overhaul of the corp system, honestly may not be possible. Due to the older systems in place and especially the old code. But there is a lot of archaic stuff in corp management that could definitely be made easier. I look forward to your ideas and see where they can be presented.

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Some ‘pipedreams’ are worth holding onto. It gives us hope for greater things.

I’m going to quote you out of order, because in this case it makes sense to do so.

I concur that the corporation system could use a constellation of changes. That said…

These are incremental and very small changes that could be suggested in an email or a forum post with the subject preface “Small Things”. Each of these changes is a minor adjustment at best (for instance: button/CTA placement) and don’t need to be addressed through your CSM members.

Believe me when I say the devs are very receptive to easy-to-action asks which make sense and are submitted in a way that clearly outline the scope of the request. I.e. “Physically distance the cancel request button from the accept button for corp invites, and make them clearer CTAs. E.g. Red to cancel, Green to accept.”


got my vote

Yes obviously things like these are very small changes and most likely could be fixed easily if CCP happens to get them at their hands. However there are tons and tons of minor adjustments for the whole corporate mechanisms and even when i could start suggesting all of these changes individually i feel that it is ineffective.

For me running a corporation is a career option in eve, just like it might be an option for someone to decide to go capital ships or focus on sub capital roams. So my focus in here is not to fix tiny problems but fix the actual cause of the problems which is the current corporate mechanisms. So i kinda want balance updates on corporations the same way people want balance updates for capitals and in other words add some LEAN to all of this. By “balancing” the system i hope that it will be easier for new and old players to identify good corporations for their personal needs and by that increase the overall wellbeing in eve.

It is just that in my case the large audience is unaware of most of these things of even being ingame as it takes a handfull of players to run a corporation who actualy interact with the corporate mechanisms directly and the rest interact with them passively without most often even noticing it.

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While i agree with corporation overhaul, I will tell you to expect a NO, right out of the gate.

This is part of the core aspect of eve. I have asked ccp to look into creating a new gui/system with modern updates (similar to how they made a new map), but they did not do it. I think something in the base code is preventing it, which means this game is very unlikely to get any changes to 1) the corporations, 2) mining, 3) diplomacy.

They are absolutely needed. I’d rather ccp destroy eve then go on not trying to fix them.

Make your organisation war eligible, and you will have full support from the High sec war deccing community


Don’t give up hope already. CSM 14 saw an entire session on UI/UX issues, including changes to the HUD:

“One of the focus for the team is the HUD and in-game overview improvements. This will be a long process with
incremental changes rather than a single revamp.
• One goal is to have more than one active overview at the same time.
• All module activation buttons are to be revised. There is a lot of information there, which makes things a bit
• General, more intuitive ways to perform actions, such as a button on cyno ships that lists all available jumps.
• Show actual hitpoint values on targets.
• Introduce a way for players to travel that does not rely on the overview.
• Simplify UX for overheating and making the whole system more intuitive”

So there is room for discussions of these kinds of changes.