CSM, Naari Naarian


I am running for CSM. I am a long-term player of eve, of which almost all of my history in eve has been in nullsec Sov Space. I have fought in many great battles, and been in many great alliance, and have even bee in leadership in a few.

I am currently the ceo of a high sec corporation, and the executor of a high sec alliance. This experience has opened my eyes on just how bad high sec has been over the years, and I would love the chance to change that!

My Positions
Due to my extensive history as a game designer, I have very strong positions that are diametrically opposed to most players in eve. I will advocate for changes on things that have not been touched on (IE things that have not actually has not been changed by ccp).

Here are a few lists of things I would advocate for

  • Revamps of the Standings systems

    • Growing standings and access over time
  • Reworks and improvements to corporation/alliance creation

    • Including new logo’s
    • Removal of tickers (they are just annoying part in the creation process)
    • new uinque options in alliance, and corporate structures including
    • Democracy: The ability for everyone in the corp to vote (with out shares): votes for democratic leadership shifts every 3 months. Votes that allow for mechanical changes to the system (like limited number of terms in a row).
    • Oligarchy: Founded by 1 leader who can give “council member” to 4 others (a replacement to director). These individuals alone vote.
    • Dictatorship: As it works now.

Shares converted to standalone system and more functionality included, including

  • A new display option on the corporate info panel that shows “shares return rate” to demonstrate how often a ceo will recall shares.

  • Smaller reworks of mining systems.

    • including making ice and gas accessible in high sec, and low sec more commonly
  • War Declaration changes
    Growing war eligibility based on a growth over time standing system which will open up corporations to build stations but not be war eligible

  • Removal of criminal actions in high sec

    • by removing the ability to do any criminal weapons attack (suicide ganking) in high security space.
    • by removing insurance payouts in low sec when criminally flagged.
    • Fixing other work-arounds players have created to get around the intended design of the game.
    • by finding fixes, or advocating for philosophical changes to the games identity to stop local spam-scammers, and the likes.
  • Stabilizing the resources, and income of the game

    • high sec income between 60 and 80 million an hour (exception being incursions, or abyssal)
    • Low sec income between 80-100 million an hour
    • WH/Null sec income between 100-120 mllion an hour

Capital Changes

  • Removal of capital ships ability to target sub-capitals with direct targeting, and potential changes to the capitals to buff aoe smart bomb ranges or look into creation of similar mechanics that do not require direct attack but give capitals limited ability to protect themselves against sub-capitals.

  • Creation of capital ship specific encounters in null, wormhole space, and low security space (player caps vs npc capitals) This will set the income of capitals between 120-150, and open them up to attack to sub-capitals once again placing them in balance of each other.

  • Reworks to the way reactions, and inventions work

    • Promised by ccp long ago, we needed this to be simplified.
  • Reworks to abyssal

    • expanding the timer to 30 minutes for death
    • creating a 20 minute timer that provides isk bonus for completion in that period
      • Level 1, 5 Million + 10 Million for each additional level

you should be rewarded for good behavior, not just punished for bad

In all of the games content, i would like to make it so that grouping is more encouraged and ideal for players by introducing buffs to grouping for players to do things together, rather then being punished

Examples of this would be

  • Bonus isk and LP for doing ratting, missions, mining, etc together.
    reworks of current game mechanics to help facilitate such things.

No one’s going to vote for …

… a liar, who claims to be from 2003, while not being willing to back it up.
… a liar, who claims to be from 2003, while his first post claims he’s a new player.
… a self proclaimed game developer, who not once shows any sign that he really is one.
… a self proclaimed game developer, who not once shows any evidence of him being one.

For all of the above there is proof to be found on the forums and I’ve made screenshots, to make sure you can’t just edit it all away. The guy above is a hater. Everyone’s free to go through his posting history, add 1 and 1 together to figure out that he’d be nothing but a serious disturbance.

Those of us who remember Ankhesentapemkah know exactly how this is going to work out.


That’s a good one, 0/10 troll.

You aren’t wanting to make “substantial changes” to eve, you are wanting an entirely new game.

Since you are such a fantastic game designer, you should put your vision in motion in your own game. Look at how much money Star Citizen has made on kick starter. I’m sure you will do well :roll_eyes:


You do know that csm members have to make their real life identity known, so your claim about being an developer will become clear. I and propably others for will back you up for this reason alone.

Ps. Dont dismiss me as a troll, as you have made it clear that your real life experience is part of your csm campaing and csm candidates should be abel to engage voters in conversation.



You are a confirmed liar:

Not the type of player that should be on the CSM.

Go learn how to play first, and even then your honesty is gone forever.


Hi Naari,

Before I ask you any specific question on your campaign, I first wanted to ask you a question about the CSM white paper:

In particular, the section on ‘Candidate Requirements’ which states:

CCP employees, ISD volunteers, CCP interns, CCP affiliates, CCP strategic partners or employees of other gaming companies/gaming media and family members of CCP are all ineligible to run for the CSM. In cases were an active CSM delegate becomes involved in any of the above activities they must resign from the Council.

Given you have claimed on this forums that you work professionally as a game developer, do you meet these requirements? If you do currently meet the requirements, are you willing/able to decline work in the gaming industry for a whole year to serve out your whole term?


I am not currently employed, and i am not interested in working for other gaming studio’s at the moment. I am working on personal projects but i am uncertain to their release dates as of yet. So i do not think these points in the (obsolete) white paper are an issue.

If for some reason i do take on such roles i will resign, but i do not think its likely at the moment just because i have been inconsistent of late with the work on my personal projects.

Don’t you have a public alpha or beta being released in less than 2 months now?

I am quite curious still about what successful and long lasting games he has worked on? He refused to comment on it in the past citing off topic, he can’t use that excuse now.

I have a game that is close to alpha stages, but i have not been working on it. Iv been preoccupied by my mother who is having issues with her heart while battling cancer.

I think you’ll find that the above excludes most players in eve from voting for you.



You’d expect such an experienced player to know how basic pos mechanics work. Nice post dude

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You really gotta learn how to spy game in eve works. You seem to not be good at it.

This it a bit of a contradiction again. Now what to believe…


Enough of the discussions about me. Im growing tired of them. You guys are being childish. Either your dev alts, or your egotistical children trying to prevent eve from gaining anti-egotistical changes.

I got a lot of votes stacking up by the way, are you read for change?
At this point i am just going to auto-flag any post that is about me and my personal life. I try to be kind by inviting you to know some about it but you guys just play stupid games.

Grow up, or we can play this by the book and i’ll just report every infraction you do on these forums, and the admins will be left with no choice but to eventually remove you from it

You are trying to run for a position on CSM, players are going to want to know about you, not your character.

What you have show everyone is that you are a liar in one way or another, your posts contradict each other all over the place.

Voting hasn’t even started, which means you are lying again, who’s is why no one believes you about anything.

Your claim about working on games has no backing, your claim to be a 2003 player has no backing and your posts show it.

If you serious want to run for CSM you might want to start clearing the deception from yourself.


thats a lie.

show me one csm that gets as much personal life attention as me. your a straight liar. whats worse about it is you really dont care your just trying to discredit me to keep abusing players in the game, and that just makes you 2-3 pathetic. btw, got a good number of votes already ready.

From his CSM thread

Who else?

He is public figure and already is exposed to the public eye. Where are the post of your trolls claiming that he has to prove the above?

You asked for one, I gave you one.

He is public figure and already is exposed to the public eye.

His proof was already there, willingly and publicly.

If you have worked on popular games as you have made the claim, your name is already in the credits of the games so revealing what you have worked on isn’t a big deal. Unless you haven’t.

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