CSM 17 results review

I was reviewing the platforms of the CSM 17 results: Welcome to CSM17! | EVE Online

Congrats to all the candidates for their efforts, successful and otherwise. It’s good to see so many players invested in making EVE better for everyone.

A quick summary of the elected (please forgive the too-brief notes on their focus):
Angry Mustache - Null, economy, improving gameplay mechanics
Kazanir - Null, EVE & CCP’s economy

Brisc Rubal - Null, PvP, economy
Pandoralica - Null, PvP content creation

Kenneth Feld - Null, industry, economy, QoL
Storm Delay - Null, conflict drivers

Brave: Jinx De’caire - New players

Fraternity: Luke Anninan - Null wars, sovereignty

Mark Resurrectus - WH life
Arsia Elkin - FW, low-sec, small group, lore content

It’s a good set of candidates. I also urge any non-elected candidates to continue to make their issues and concerns known, in forums or through the elected CSM. Many important issues were brought up this year and CCP needs to remain aware of those.

Reviewing their platform posts, I noticed just how many CSM candidates placed “repairing the economy” as a major focus.

Comparing with previous year results, a good recent summary from 2021 is here:

I note that the number of subscribers casting votes in this years CSM is down substantially, in the 20% range. That’s a pretty hefty decline.

Subbed players either can’t be bothered to vote, are subbing fewer alts, or have simply left EVE. None of these are good trends.

With any luck, perhaps this year CCP will choose to consult a little more carefully with the CSM and the player base as a whole.


Null, null, null, null, null, null, null, wh, low.

It couldn’t be more unbalanced. Subjectively and objectively.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


It makes sense that it happens, don’t hate the player. Not that I’m a fan of the (inevitable) outcome nor the csm as a whole.

CSM 16 was 9/10 for Null sec. We are down to 8/10 in CSM 17.


Well, Null is where the subs, alt-subs, and players invested enough to vote the party line are, so I guess we’re stuck with that.

At least this time the null elects have a fair bit of focus on economy, new players, better game mechanics etc. so that’s helpful.

I’m more concerned that we have only 30,814 subbed players voting this year, down from 38,086 last year - almost a 20% drop.


I see it as a 20% gain, my vote was more influential and with less competition I am even closer to my complete and utter victory.

I would rather my vote count less being 1 out of 100 000 votes.

I would rather my vote count more being 1 out of 1 votes.

Don’t be confused, it was CSM election, not U.S Presidential election, lol.

You don’t need that many players getting in the way.
Everytime I log in it’s between 18k and 25k players logged in and while I’m sure that CCP would love to see 60k logged in, I personally feel 20k is a good number.
The galaxy isn’t that big to cram 100k into this game. The quality of PvP or PvE stays the same with 100k or 100 players, I don’t see the advantage of every other system having 100 capsuleers in Local.
That’s just the way I feel and I realize that it may not be the “correct and approved” way of looking at it but there it is anyway.

I actually played eve when it was at 60k players and it was great fun, now its hard to find people 20k is “enough” but not good.

The whole reason we vote CSM in is to get eve to a good place so that more people play. If we are at 100k players then op success and my vote doesn’t matter much anymore because eve would be in a good place.

Farmville had 83 million active ‘players’.

Life involves choices between quantity and quality.

Perhaps you would prefer Farmville, or Candy Crush?

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Maybe he prefers ScamCitizen when it comes out… in a few decades or so. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I just killed this guy.

Afterward, his friends all gathered around with a belated response fleet. Eventually his friends left, and he tried to keep mining, but I attacked his MTU. He fled. There was just the two of us in local, not hundreds of players in a big tidi battle, just us - but it was real content, and no other game offers that. In other games, when you lose your ship, you just dock back up and undock again. In other games, at the end of the ‘battle’ everything resets. Only EvE offers a truly competitive game, with clear winners and losers, and maybe most gamers don’t want that - but it’s the only game I’m interested in.


I’m happy with Eve thanks, single shard pvp count me in, single player pointless farming? why what for. Might as well just do real work at that point and get paid for it.

The only candy I would crush is your ego.

Have never payed a cent to those scam artists and never will xD that game is never coming out lol. Some indi dev’s made a game called empyrion which is 100x better at that kind of thing than starcit lol.

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That would work if CPP listened to the CSM. Unfortunately, the bottom line has better arguments to people whose sole job is to bring in revenues, almost no matter what.
And since CCP is deaf-mute about the state or health of that company, all we can do is deduce from what is decided and observed. I try not to get too deep into all that over a game. I keep the prerogative to stay or leave at any time as I don’t get attached to things.

As I understand it, EVE was in a good place and somehow the dev teams got removed and shuffled and then P/A came in and it turned into microtransactions galore… I do understand your point but I like to argue on a reality basis and not on what one may wish.

Depends why you’re looking for them, lol.
If it’s for some fleet fun there is always someone willing and if you’re looking for a victim then make yourself available, lol.
I think in EVE more isn’t always better, from a player’s point of view, regardless of what CCP may wish.

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@everyone Is EvE actually microtransactions galore? I mean, come on. I certainly haven’t paid for any microtransactions. I’m not even buying skins, CCP keeps giving them away for free. What are you all griping and WHINING about. Get a grip.

EvE is literally free to play.

In 2014 I think it was Brave moved to Sendaya, back when they where actually brave everyone and their mom went there for fights because they would literally take every single fight and it was amazing fun.

And becuase it was a single point you didn’t even have to fight brave them selves all the people being drawn there where all fair game such good memories.

And tbh I probibly lost a lot more than I gained but it does not really matter was still worth it, happy to be content if that content is fun for both sides.

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Calm down, princess. I may have overstepped on the vocabulary pedal a bit. Let’s remove the “galore” and say that CCP is always actively soliciting player’s real cash through cleverly assembled in-game ads.

So what?

Uh, no. I see no ads.

Nothing. I merely lamented CCP’s association with P/A. That’s it.

Lucky you.