CSM 17 results review

Ya’all cry and whine too much.

No wonder CCP never talks to the players.

The game is great, you plebs are the problem.

Bad day for you, today?
Who’s whining?

That’s an old excuse and it don’t really work anymore.

Yes, I do like the game.
And plebs are no problem when they pay for subscription, lol.

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You are a whiner. That’s what you are.

Ooops, you are in a bad mood today.


Just as a historical note, EVE and CCP were in a good place, making money and growing, up until around 2010. That was the standard pattern for large MMO’s at this time, but apparently it convinced Hilmar he was a genius visionary who needed to expand his empire. This led to semi-neglect of EVE while CCP pursued one failed endeavor after another. This led to large layoffs and a series of financial dips that caused changes in the dev team. As well as the brain drain that began as early as 2008 as the primary talents at CCP began to dribble away.

When PA bought CCP it actually brought stability, and I’ve seen no evidence that PA has taken any significant hand in decision-making at CCP. Everything CCP has done, from daily events to skilling rewards to SP and ship sales, was in the works before PA came along.

The PA purchase was $225 million up front and $200 million over time as “performance incentives”. You can bet those performance incentives were the trigger for CCP’s own decision to go whole hog on selling everything they can and being more aggressive about it in-game.

A company should make money, that’s what business is about. I don’t feel CCP is being egregious in their marketing or 'micro’transations (yet). Although some things like “Hey you’ve been gone a while, come back now and pay us $280 for bonus 12.1 million SP!” emails aren’t ‘micro’ and are kinda cringey.

CCP should find better and smarter ways to make money, for sure. The recent price increase was just one of many typical CCP “failure to understand the market” moves.

And, to bring us back semi-on-topic, that’s exactly what the hope of the CSM is. Not to control or direct what CCP is doing, but to help CCP understand the impacts their changes will have on the game and the playerbase.


Period. :joy:

Was already published there are less than 1000 paying subscribers this past month. 12.5 million USD operating loss month after month

So that’s less than 1k omegas?

I heard that it’s a lot of dev’s and their alts to boost numbers.


It’s good that somebody else noticed.


I don’t think it’s just her. :wink: :rofl:

If only her majesty invited frostpacker back to high sec

Why would you want to move into a ghetto? :thinking: :grin:

To be duteous.

Thats no reason and I wouldn’t believe for a moment anyway. Are you losing your sense of humor as well as some others?

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I did mention To Be and agree it might be a challenge to be respectful towards other Safety officers.

Though while on this thread don’t we all try to be duteous to our CSM members as why and who we voted for them?

As a CSM member, yes. As a player in game, no.

Interesting how you mention such and how would fleets then perform if the MC player didn’t follow the objectives that support the Alliance in the battle? Wouldn’t there be some respect for the CEO of the Alliance? Wouldn’t it be the player’s duty to be dedicated to that?

CSM comes with this duty also both up and down the pipeline to comunicate while being devoted to their new role and title.

Good question. It made me think. :sunglasses:

I guess my point is that we volunteer our respect and support. What players say on the forums or as a CSM member do not carry over into the game for me. No one gets my support just because they want it.

I gave our old FC’s respect because they were good leaders. Not because of their ideas on the game.

Short answer, I know but I hope you get my point? EVE is hard to explain at best.

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It’s not a sure thing of course, but anybody who won a CSM position received thousands of votes, mostly from people who know them in-game or know of them. It’s more word-of-mouth and reference based than would happen in a RL campaign, for instance.

So while I might not automatically give someone my full attention simply because they got voted into the CSM, I would at least assume as a starting position that they have a pretty solid grasp of certain aspects of the game, and a fairly wide circle of contacts within the game.

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According to that logic all elected politicians are capable people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: