Welcome, to your new CSM!

Greetings capsuleers,

The 17th Council of Stellar Management has been democratically elected by the EVE Online community! Please join us in welcoming new and re-elected members that will represent the players and collaborate with us for the next year.

Voting data can be downloaded here .


Thank you all who voted for me! Fly Dangerously o7


Congratulations Arsia! Well deserved, and finishing on a finale slamdunk. When you’re the highest voted non-bloc candidate, that makes it very clear what the playerbase recognizes as important in this game.

Let’s hope CCP recognizes the same during your stint.


Congrats to all the CSM members.

Pity not to see Steve Ronuken in, and only 13th in the result.


Quiz game: find the 10 hidden differences between the new CSM 17 and old CSM 16!

Difference #1:

Difference #2:

Difference #3:

Difference #4:

Difference #5:

Difference #6:

Difference #7:

Difference #8:

Difference #9:

Difference #10:


Hah, got you! Did you really expect any differences between a nullsec CSM and the next nullsec CSM?? :rofl:


Congrats to the CSM17.

Thank you so much for everyone who voted for me. As a 2 year old player, I did NOT think I’d last to round 27. My bar was pretty low. 5 :rofl:

End of the day, everyone now knows who I am, what I’m about and I know what I need to do for CSM18. :purple_heart:


Not enough Nullsec representation it seems…


Congratulations to the new CSM!

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No they weren’t.

You can’t buy ballots for $15 a pop in a democracy.


They’re usually far cheaper.


Congrats Arsia, Mark, pando and the rest of the csm! nice to see it isn’t 100% block

Sad about Ithica hawk missing out by 1 spot Sad face.

Ok so from what I see we have at least 2 economy dudes, fc specialist’s, worm hole btw dude, low sec fw specialist, diplo dude, ton’s of null.

I don’t really know the rest seems decently well rounded not sure if there is any high sec representative there? Also ship balance is going to be a mess from the first iterations of patches, prepare for CCP forum bombardment of ships being op apon release your guys own fault for not voting in Stitch just saying.


Don’t be ridiculous. Of course the CSM looks different this year. After all, the nullblocs only controlled 7 seats last year. This year it’s 8.

Welp, a failure to organize the non-nullbloc voting interests has failed to work before, but I’m hoping 18th time’s a charm.

Now we just need someone telling people not to vote, and someone calling for the CSM to be disbanded, and I’ll have CSM thread bingo.


To be fair Pando is not really the same as the other block dudes.


I do love a good kewk.

Gratz to Arsia, I’m just not sure if she won with the people vote or some elaborated scheme to put one seat of the common people.

It does not matter, she will learn soon enough, till there I hope she the best.

Ofc congratulations to all the CSM, no personal vendetta here, I hope you all a good term. Do your best people.

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She did make it to csm 16 via someone dropping out to become a ccp

As Nozy pointed, with PA pushing CCP to earn money and CCP coming up with further monetization schemes, whatever the CSM says, think or does is kind of moot. Money talks and fancy PR stunts only run so far before business rules.

It would be a ironical blast to me if CCP was forced to actually develop avatar content, WiS or whatever… but CCP people interested with humanoid avatars are busy coming up with what will be CCP’s third failed FPS so guess EVE will remain a game about spaceships.

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My bad then. I’m such an ignorant. :frowning:

Don’t get me wrong, there are bloc dudes that I like (i.e. Brisc and Kenneth Feld). But Eve is not better by having one play style dominate 80% of the seats.

I’m not mad at them though. They’re doing what they think is right for the game. Moreover, all of nullsec (including NPC null and the unaffiliated) only adds up to around 15% of the player base. So, if non-bloc interests can’t secure more seats, it’s not sov null’s fault. It’s ours.


Congrats to the new CSM!!

Thx for anyone that may have read, watched or listened to me during my campaign, and for anyone who may have voted for me o7


Might it just be better to have seats for the different areas/game play styles… like x null seats, x indy seats,x wh seats etc

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