CSM 17 Information Station!

How time flies! CSM 17 elections are just around the corner!!

We’ve made a few key changes to the election this year - check out everything you need to know in this CSM 17 devblog. Feel free to discuss CSM 17 and any questions or comments you have below.


I would rather have no CSM and CCP engage via surveys and feedback and bug tickets directly with me

Can we have a vote to register “NO CSM” in the election so that sentiment is counted?

“none of the above” should be an option, for people that don’t want the candidates that are running…

Direct democracy, direct customer engagement. Nobody left out then, nobody unrepresented then, nobody unheard then.


One does not preclude the other.

oh snap!

PS Can we get Steves post unlocked on the CSM campaign forum? :smiley:

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Great to see a familiar face running. Good luck @Steve_Ronuken

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Just wanted to chime in to say I’m going to clean up the off-topic posts. I strongly encourage and embrace meaningful discourse and discussions, especially as it pertains to the CSM. However, low-effort troll posts will not be tolerated. You may think it’s fun, but what it actually does is stifle voices that I personally would be glad to hear from.

As a player I was proud to be on CSM 6 & 7, and running the CSM is a task I’m very honored to have. The amount of time and dedication both the CSM and CCP put into this venture is something unmatched in gaming. It is, of course, not our only way to communicate with players - though it’s a unique body that provides tremendous value. If you don’t believe that to be the case, I’m here as a resource to answer any and all questions to demonstrate otherwise.

Off-topic posts, or those in violation of the EVE Online Forum Moderation Policy, will be removed and offending parties may have their forum privileges suspended.


Welp Mike got my vote.

If Brisc runs, so does he.

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Mikes not running :frowning:

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Ah man lame but understandable.

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I think this is one of the best ideas i have heard of if CCP gives it as an option in the choices it gives a vote for a basic no confidence in the members or for the CSM as whole that will have to be addressed if over a few years it only grows or heaven forbid it comes in at spot 1
For a lot of us the CSM appears to represent the same groups alliances and the same play stiles year in year out little true change or real diversity

Man, it’s hilarious watching people talking to their alts in here. And then watching them try to claim I’m spamming to get my stuff hidden.

Pro-tip. You’re generally not going to win if you’re trying to use the mods against a CSM member in a CSM related post, lol.


Or possibly………just possibly. Players arrogantly cancelling their best mechanism for lobbying CCP through the misguided notion that “customer surveys” will be better.

Cutting off ones nose to spite ones face


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Since almost the beginning of the CSM, there have been calls for a “none of the above” option, or people who have tried to run on a platform of disbanding the CSM. Neither of those things have been accepted, so it’s time to stop bringing them up. CCP created the CSM because they wanted to give players a role in development, by letting the players select representatives to serve on this focus group. As long as CCP gets some value from the program, and they repeatedly have said they do, they will continue the program.

If you don’t like me, don’t like the CSM, don’t like the current make up, don’t believe it’s actually democratic, think its useless, think its just a way for nullsec to dominate the game, think its responsible for all the bad things that happen in EVE every day, are upset that you lost or can’t win a seat, there is one thing you can do that will directly address all your concerns - don’t participate. Don’t run, don’t vote.

Problem solved. Please don’t make Swift have to clean the thread up again.


The point is to tally the player “customer” sentiment of the “none of the above”, not voting and not running whilst is always an option, does not capture that voice of sentiment in the customer base.

End result is an ignored segment of the player base, ignored by the fog of politics in a game service, ignored by a layer of self interest groups. I think people have forgotten that it is a game as a service, not a government or a political party. We are customers.

My suggestion captures that sentiment and tracks it. I think it is a very important thing to tally.

You certinally seem to not care about that segment of the customer base. In fact you want to SILENCE that segment by abusive moderation (which is against the terms of the forum, abusing moderation tools).

Is our voices and opinion not important?

It’s not. Again, the CSM has value to the company. Player sentiment about it doesn’t matter.

You are wasting your breath on something that has been discussed and debated for more than a decade. You aren’t the first person to come up with this dumb idea, and you won’t be the last. You should have got the message from what Swift wrote earlier and gave up this pointless nonsense.

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Not sure why we should vote for you with that attitude.


Ended the CSM will effectively silence all players. Do you really think a customer survey is going anywhere other than the bin?

I’d much rather a human was constantly bringing up issues in a way CCP cant ignore……even if those issues are not 100% in alignment with my own views……as oppossed to us having only an online suggestion box.

This just reminds of that scene in Star Wars. I think its revenge of the sith. Where Natalie Portman says the line “this is how democracy dies. To thunderous applause”

Feel free to continue to advocate for player self sabotage. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. It’s like voting for EVE not to exist anymore. Or voting for CCP Swift to amputate a finger every time Brisc sneezes. I.e. Its dumb


How you can have a vote of no confidence in the CSM members when, given the three year rule, some of them will be new members who are unproven?

Surveying the whole player base over planned changes in the game would be time consuming and would either be too narrow in scope to mean anything or too wide ™ and be unproductive.

I’m not going to say if you don’t like it run yourself as I’m assuming you wouldn’t have a voter base behind you.

Yes, the CSM does represent almost the same groups and alliances every year as they are the largest groups in EVE and that, like it or not is how a democratic vote works. I personally think the system could be improved somewhat, but I’d rather the player base had some representation than none, even if CCP doesn’t always listen to CSM or take on board their recommendations.

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waiting after fanfest for my decision to candidate

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