Introducing CSM 18!

As announced at the welcoming ceremony live, we’re happy to introduce to you your CSM 18 winners!

Thank you to everyone who voted in this amazing CSM race. We had the second highest turnout ever in the STV era, and each and every candidate was amazing.

In this years election, CCP selected Kshal Aideron and Stitch Kaneland to round out our freshly expanded 12-member CSM

As always, the detailed voter information can be found here


I always love seeing how the patterns play out, thank you for the raw.



Congratulations to the elected and I wish you a lot of patience in holding CSM function and working with CCP. You will need it very dearly.

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Oh hey, Stitch. Great news. About god damn time, honestly.


Congrats! I wish everyone willing to restrict power projection and boosting small/medium warfare good luck :).


Congratulations to all :slight_smile:


Here’s my welcoming comment: “Walking in stations” when? =P

Jkjk Congratz to all!

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pls say that you will add more ships as I got back way affter I could vote

Great we got a csm who will still communicate with the forum @Mike_Azariah


Congratulations to these ~independent candidates @Kshal_Aideron @Stitch_Kaneland @The_Oz @Mike_Azariah @Amelia_Duskspace @Mark_Resurrectus

Congratulations @Angry_Mustache can we expect another slide show presentation during your acceptance speech? A capsuleer can only hope.

Congratulations @Dark_Shines @Kazanir @Storm_Delay Luke_Anninan & Alcoholic_Satan [limit 10 mentions]

It would appear that a range of play styles, and a range of security sectors, and a range of niche knowledge bases are represented.

CSM 17 carried the batten forward from the learnings accumulated in previous years where and when it was discovered how real and impactful contributions could be made. Demonstrating that when the CSM focuses it’s efforts on presenting evidence based positions to relevant parties in meaningful ways desirable progress can be accomplished.

The challenge will be in how you communicate and work together with each other, good luck o7

… the coming year is shaping up to be good one with pirate warfare, increased customisation, including new roles, and last but not least expanded projects facilities. OH yes & LOGI KILLMAILS!!! That NDA must be tough, I suppose that’s the price of being great.


A lot of players prefer discord, understandably, but yes the forums are important as well.

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Considering a lot of players use or come to the forums in the CSM section to voice their grievances etc, especially when support leads them here, its nice to have one or two CSM who will respond. Mike and brisc were great at comveying information so its great that mike is back considering i dont think any others will converse on the forums


I see a frat on csm, immediatly dislike for evrything he will attempt to push

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Gratz to all newly elected members of CSM 18, may you all have much success and a very good year interacting with CCP…

Bad take, Luke is a true homie.

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Congrats to all the winners, looking forward to working with you (very briefly).


It is quite telling that it would seem that, thus far, only two of the successful incoming CSM members have bothered posting on these fora to say thank you for support since the results were announced. @Mike_Azariah and @Stitch_Kaneland being the honourable pair…


@Torvald_Uruz :frowning: Better luck next time. I will vote for you again if you run next year.


It’s great to finally see a CSM with an equal number of null and non-null candidates.