Angry Mustache for CSM 17

Hello There

I am Angry Mustache, running for CSM 17 as a candidate to help CCP fix the EVE economy and to avenge a slight upon my space honour. I am one of those strange people that actually like crunching numbers, so I do it for my day job and for fun in my space job.

What I do

I can usually be found commenting on and summarizing the Monthly Economic Report that shows the big picture of the EVE economy.

April 2022 MER

March 2022 MER

Feb 2022 MER

Jan 2022 MER

Dec/Nov 2021 MER

Sep 2021 MER

Aug 2021 MER

Jul 2021 MER

Jun 2021 MER

May 2021 MER

It’s actually kind of funny going back a year and seeing which of my predictions came true and which ones fell flat.

On being an Effective CSM

Lots of CSM Candidates have a platform or a package of ideas that they say they support and would like to see CCP implement. Fewer have plans on how they expect to sway CCP’s opinion besides “I’m awesome and I’m always right so you should listen to me”.

I believe the CCP is more receptive to data-based arguments, preferably using CCP-sourced data, which is why I’ve prepared a number of “presentations” to support statements like


I will summarize up my platform as the following 3 points

  • Remove/Minimize perverse incentives from the game that punish players for playing the game (DBS/Broker Fleet floor outside of highsec/excessive compoment sizes)

  • Add advantages to game mechanics that promote player to player interaction (Pochven, In space activities).

  • Increased player access to data/improved communication transparency



What are your thoughts on FW? Because right now it feels like one of those activities that discourages player interaction (missions in instawarp Jackdaws, LP farmers flip flopping to get max LP and not participate in the PvP).

FW is a good example of a current system dominated by perverse incentives. The core of FW is small scale fighting and “faction pride”, and yet small scale fighting is one of the least rewarded aspects. If I had a magic button, I would remove FW missions altogether because they are PvE missions in a PvP system.

If you want to incentivize players to hold their ground and fight, then compress them into a smaller active portion of the warzone and reward players for pushing hostile militia off a complex.


Amen to that. I’ve spent a small amount of time hunting Jackdaws/Stealth Bombers and it just isn’t worth it as they are slippery and the rats shoot me despite my high Amarr standings and being in Amarr FW.

I also agree that there should be more rewards for the small gang PvP that happens. My favorite moments in EVE have happened because of fighting over plexes in gangs smaller than 10, but right now there is no financial incentive to do so. To make isk to fund my PVP, I have to either run DED sites, WH sites or PLEX. I’d rather just be able to shoot things. Most of my kills have fewer than 10 pilots on them, and I want to keep it that way. It’s hard to recruit new players to join the fight as the isk just isn’t there.

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This man is more than smart. He’s one of the recognized experts on the critical subject of the health of the EVE economy. He probably should be working for the central bank of an industrialized nation.

I endorse this candidacy.

It was EVE Vegas. We were sitting around the bar, having a few drinks. Somebody brought up some economic issue in EVE, which was a big no no for us, because we don’t like to talk EVE when we’re drinking. This person instantly regretted bringing up the EVE economy because FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, Angry Mustache swoops in, whips out a laptop and pulls up an EVE economy powerpoint presentation.

I have never been prouder of this man than I was that day.

Vote for Angry Mustache.

(PS, this is a 100% true story)


I rly hope you get elected.If only people could pass the goon tag and think of the greater picture , but then again people elected kenneth feld last time after numerous warnings , so maybe people should suffer .good luck u got my vote goony , cause you are solid.

This guy has more graph porn than pornhub has regular porn…


I would vote for this guy just so CCP would let him unfuck MER

you have my votes

Currently booking CSM 17 interviews on behalf of Ashterothi. Sent Eve Mail with details. Let us know if you’re available this weekend.

You have my vote. This guy is one of the few reasonable, valuable, obviously experienced CSMs that hasn’t said something that doesn’t boil down to one of the following:

“Very few CSMs have the experience and perspective I have [proceeds to provide no meaningful experience or perspective]”
“Why would you vote for me? That’s an interesting question”
“I want to be CSM because I like the game”
“Allow me to dump my entire life story and share pictures of myself”
“Eve is dead. Literally unplayable. I will change that. Your hero has arrived”
“I think this narrow element of the game is unfair because [insert narrow-minded reason here] and it should be changed/nerfed/outright removed”
“I plan on changing an element of the game that has major implications and refuse to share in detail on how I will radically alter that element”
“I have no understanding of this game mechanic but apparently a lot of people care about it so I’ll add it to my portfolio of proposals”
“I will make sure I accomplish X when CSMs do not call the shots on what direction is taken with the game”
[Insert additional worthless political ■■■■■■■■ here].


How dare you


I will definitely support you. It’s time to bring order to the economy in the new Eden

Interview on CCP’s CSM interview stream

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New post explaining velocity of isk and why it’s a decently big deal


Angry Moustache is an excellent candidate who should be at the top of your ballot if you’re invested in the long-term economic health of this game. He’s proven that he knows what he’s talking about and he’s willing to put in the effort to effectively communicate it. I endorse Angry Moustache for CSM 17.

got my vote! please push for mining, namely in high sec!

make us all proud