It’s time to restore Eve to its glory! Aliventi for CSM 17!

Hi everyone! It’s wonderful to meet you! My name is Aliventi. Ever since 2010 I have been in love with Eve. I have done everything from being a part of the old Northern Coalition taking Fountain from IT alliance, learning to PvP during the Syndicate glory days from 2011-2014, flying for GalMil in FW, to living out of WH space (still have my POS BMs from when we lived out of POSes), flying in an AT, and taking SOV in many regions around Eve. I am so proud of my time, my experiences, the friends I have made, and the wonderful times we have had.

Why should you vote for me?

CCP made it clear during Fanfest: They are going to redo FW and introduce mechanics to FW that will translate to other spaces. Very few CSM candidates have the breadth and depth of experiences I have. If we fail to elect CSM members with my level of experience across all kinds of space, and how each space affects other kinds of space, you may find your play style as an “unfortunate casualty” to changes CCP is making. That’s why you need me on the CSM to fight to keep your space and your play style relevant!

I am a small alliance/small gang player. Flying Dangerous is my home. I am the candidate who will fight to ensure that CCP doesn’t nerf small alliances and small gangs out of Eve. You pay the same sub that a SOV player does. You deserve just as much of a place in Eve as they do.

I want you to always know that your play style matters to me. I don’t want you Eve to leave you behind. I want you to wake up just as excited to play Eve today as you did back when you had the most fun. I will work tirelessly to bring Eve back to its glory days.

When I am on the CSM you can always approach me and chat about whatever is on your mind when it comes to Eve. I love hearing the passionate ideas Eve players have. If you want to reach out to chat, or for an interview, you can reach me in-game and on Discord at Aliventi#9200!

My expertise:

Small groups/alliances: 5
Balance expertise across all kinds of space: 5
Maledictions are ammo to me (Nano PvP): 5
Syndicate is my Forever Home: <3

What short term changes would I advocate for?

LP store re-balance:

FW rebalance is super exciting, but it will all fall apart if pilots can’t turn their LP into isk that they can turn into ships and get back out PvPing. I will tirelessly advocate for new and valuable items and ships be added to LP stores in FW and beyond.

Add LP to the market:

I am probably the oldest advocate of LP being added to the market. There are players who earn LP who have no interest in trying to schedule a sale with a buyer or produce anything with that LP. Just like there are people who want to build items but don’t want to grind LP. Let the market set the price, let people put up buy and sell orders, and we all gain the benefit of market taxes sinking additional isk out of the economy.

Remove attributes and attribute implants:

I have been arguing for the removal of attributes and attribute implants for over 7 years. CCP announced this will happen at Fanfest. You need me on the CSM to ensure attributes and attribute implants go away. I would love there to be no replacement for attribute implants, but I understand that the impact to the LP market would be extreme. As an interim I would support a booster that doesn’t disappear when you get podded. That way new bros can PvP without fear of losing their expensive attribute implants.

30 Second Spool Up timer for Filaments:

Filaments are a “get out of jail free” card to avoid PvP. That shouldn’t exist in Eve. If you aren’t safe enough to safe-log, you aren’t safe enough to filament. A 30 second spool up timer will fix that.

A new default overview for new players:

The default overview new players start with is trash. CCP should make a better one with player input and make it the default.

New fleet PvE sites for SOV:

WHs, Pochven, and Highsec all have group PvE options. SOV deserves PvE sites that can be run by groups with Logi. They should scale so you make more isk with higher DPS. And being in a fleet with Logi automatically gives you protection from small roaming gangs.

Add back in the missing Ore Belts:

It’s time for CCP to undo the removal of Ore Belts and remove the compensatory gate rats.

Allow Supercapitals to be built in Lowsec and NPC Nullsec:

New groups forming in Eve should go from Highsec → Lowsec/NPC Nullsec → SOV/WH space or stop anywhere along that path they want. The issue with SOV being stagnant with the same groups is that Supercapitals are a requirement to be successful, but can only be acquired at scale in SOV. So no group can independently acquire enough Supercapitals to be competitive in SOV without losing their independence along the way. To get new blood in to SOV we need Supercapitals to be able to be built outside of SOV.

Fix FAX Cap Booster limit:

CCP admitted the single Cap booster limit is a bug and hasn’t fixed it. I will advocate they fix this bug to bring FAXes back in balance.

Bring back Heavy Armor fights to WH space:

The key missing part of Heavy Armor fights in WH space is effective FAXes. CCP isn’t going to allow multiple Capital Cap Boosters again. I will advocate for CCP adding Deadspace Cap Rechargers, Cap Power Relays, and Subcapital Cap Boosters. Combined with Rapture Implants this will bring effective FAXes back to WH space, but will be too costly and skill prohibitive for massive amounts of them to be used by the SOV Blocs.

Remove K-space connecting Frig WHs:

WH space is designed to be limited in the number of pilots that can take part due to mass restrictions. Frigate WHs have no total mass limits. So a frigate WH connecting to K-space allows an unlimited number of pilots to enter a WH system. That’s the antithesis of WH space and should be removed.

Regular Balance changes:

I would love to see Team Talos or their successor come back and make regular balance adjustments.


What long term changes would I advocate for?

Revitalize Highsec:

Eve was the healthiest when highsec was worth playing in. Highsec is the first experience we all have with Eve. People playing in highsec pay the same sub anyone else does. There should be worthwhile content in highsec to grab a hold of new players and keep veteran players interested.

Bring Pirate NPC Factions in to FW:

I would love nothing more than Capsuleers being able to sign with the Pirate Factions to fight the Empires. I know CCP brought it up at the FW Roundtable, but it isn’t on the immediate roadmap for FW. Syndicate is my forever home so I would sign up for the great glory of The Syndicate in a heartbeat!

CCP should stop defending structures and SOV:

Back when passive moon mining was in-game, I asked my more experienced people why we didn’t attack the moon mining POSes since the owners lived regions away? The answer: CCP’s API will tell them we shot it and they will respond.

If you live, work, and play in a system then you will notice your structures or SOV being attacked and/or RF’d and can respond. If you don’t, then someone should be able to attack and destroy your structures and SOV without CCP intervening on your behalf with an API notification.

This will allow players to naturally curtail over extended groups and would be an absolute requirement before any attempt to go back to passive moon mining.

A new SOV System:

While we were under Dominion SOV, Nullsec SOV players were mainly PVPers. When those Nullsec SOV PvPers asked for a new SOV system, CCP answered brilliantly to all of the design requirements and delivered Fozzie SOV. The issue is that Fozzie Sov created new issues. The core issue is Indexes.

The issue with Indexes is it requires a certain amount of grinding and none of that grinding is PvP. So the Nullsec SOV PvPers that existed in SOV looked at Indexes and said “I am NOT grinding Indexes!” So they did the smart thing and imported highsec PvEers to grind Indexes for them. However, the highsec PvEers wanted safety. The Nullsec PvPers responded with a supercap umbrella. This had the side effect of making SOV nullsec safer than highsec.

CCP didn’t like SOV being safer than highsec. So instead of doing a re-design of SOV, CCP decided to throw endless nerfs at Nullsec SOV players. Capital nerfs, cyno nerfs, ESS, DBS/BRM, Rorqual PANIC nerfs, and so many other nerfs… and Blackout.

Blackout was possibly the single most important event in Eve’s history. Most people took away the lesson of “If CCP had just given us a carrot we wouldn’t have logged out.” Those people missed the true lesson: Those formerly Highsec PvEers that were imported to grind indexes, who logged out rather than go back to highsec, are here to stay.

We need to respect that the new breed of nullsec PvEers are a part of SOV and design a SOV system that is inclusive to them.

What would the new SOV system look like?

I would propose something called “Dynamic System Security Status SOV”. Throw away all you know about SOV mechanics because we are starting fresh.

NOTE: All numbers are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change and balancing!!!

How does it work? Under this system SOV is a battle between the Pirate Factions and Capsuleers that want to claim the systems for themselves. The Pirate Factions are willing to put more effort into systems that are not controlled, or less controlled, by Capsuleers. The safer the Capsuleers make a system, the fewer Pirates they will find.

Mechanics: All claimable systems can have their system security status dynamically changed between -1.0 and -0.0. The starting point is -1.0. The following actions will modify the system security status:

Every anchored Medium Structure: +0.2
Every anchored Large Structure: +0.4
Every anchored Extra-Large Structure: +0.6
Anchored Stellar Communication Array (The SCA gives the system local): +0.3
Every Anchored FLEX structure: +0.2

For example: a SOV system with a Ritaru and an SCA would have the System Security Status of -0.5. In other words: The safer you make the system the higher the system security status goes.

Benefits of low Security Status:

Enormous Asteroid Cluster, Ice Belt, and Sanctums: -0.8 and below
Colossal Asteroid Cluster and Havens: -0.6 and below
Large Asteroid Cluster -0.4 and below
BRM percentage floor is (System Security Status-0.2)*-100 and the cap is the floor +100.
Higher probability of NPC Sotiyos, DED sites, WHs, Data/Relic/Ghost sites spawning the lower the System Security Status.
Remember: Officers spawn most often in -1.0 systems.

So a -1.0 system would have the best ore, best ice, the best PvE sites, best spawn rates, and pay a floor of 120-220% the base isk value for rats, but it would carry the highest risks.

The SOV owner is the Alliance that is causing the most control adjustments, with a tiebreaker being the oldest control adjustment. No more iHub, TCU, ADMs, or ESS.

Why? This gives players the opportunity to choose their risk level and adjusts their earnings appropriately. It gives players the freedom to choose what is best for them. You know… A Sandbox where the players build their own sandcastles that other people can try to kick over.


Feel free to ask any questions you have! I will edit this post with questions and answer!

Reserved for extended questions

Lmao how do you have any illusions of credibility when you suggest Hydra implants on a FAX ?!??!

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Good catch. I meant Raptures. I just got back from a vacation and CCP asked us to have our forum post up this weekend. I had a lot to type and made a mistake. It happens. Thank you for catching the mistake and letting me know!

How do you feel about the current state of Ansiblex Jump Gates? Would you want to change them?

As someone who loves tackling things in my Malediction, it is super frustrating to tackle something on an Ansiblex and watch it jump away. It makes travel safe across distances because without an Ansiblex they would have to take gates or take a Titan bridge. Make no mistake, SOV holders have earned Ansiblex jump gates and the safety they provide as a perk of SOV.

I think it is important to remember that the Ansiblex is a replacement for Jump Bridges that used to be anchored around POSes. You couldn’t follow people through jump bridges either. So nothing has changed in your ability to tackle or kill something through a Jump Bridge.

What has changed is the size of the structure and its location. A Jump Bridge was a tiny POS structure that had to be anchored on a moon. Which means most warps to a jump bridge were blind (unlike today where an Ansiblex is often on grid with a gate and multiple structures), and the small size allowed for very effective drag bubbles. I know because I died in EC- to a drag bubble camp on a jump bridge back in 2010.

So what changes would I make… It’s easy to propose an anchoring restriction to prevent them from being anchored near gates or other structures so people can’t see if they are safe as easily and blind warp to a bubble camp, but that is anti-sandbox. It’s still an option, just not my first pick.

The first balance change I would be in favor of shrinking the model down from 14km (approximately a inter-region sized NPC stargate) to somewhere around 5-6km (a system sized NPC stargate.) Large gates spread out a camping fleet because to total area in which someone can spawn is larger. Shrinking the gate would allow a higher probability for a camping fleet to be in range to successfully web, boosh, and kill something that came through the gate. Further balance changes would have to be evaluated depending on if this change has the desired effect.

The other change I would make to Ansiblex Jump Gates is to allow them to be anchored beyond SOV space. I think Ansiblexes could be a key part in revitalizing NPC nullsec and Lowsec. The only rule is they can’t connect from SOV and NPC space. The “One Ansiblex per system” restriction means two groups who want an Ansiblex in a specific system will fight each other for it. People are always asking for reasons to fight and this could be one reason. I would test it in FW space as a reward for a faction event because we could always decide to undo it easily later. But Ansiblex beyond SOV space is unlikely to happen anytime soon, if at all because there are many higher priorities.

I am curious what your thoughts are? What are you concerns with Ansiblexes?

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Adding the Clip from the CSM Candidate Announcement CCP held a bit ago! Mr. Fancy Coffee for CSM!

CSM Card Aliventi

Currently booking CSM 17 interviews on behalf of Ashterothi. Sent Eve Mail with details. Let us know if you’re available this weekend.

I replied. Thank you for reaching out!

I had a great interview with CCP Swift and CCP Zelus today: Twitch

I been playing by myself since the beginning and totally never really played with others do to being in the service. I am retired now and am looking to join someone. Although playing by myself it would be great to resize; do to campers… chow for now…

Glad you are playing Kanielia! Please find a good group of people to play with! A great place to look would be the Eve Job board of Reddit

We just finished a great WH townhall! Thank you Ashy and Teddy for hosting!

Thank you for the interview Ashterothi! It was great to chat with you!

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I was asked a great question by evemail today. I want to post the question and my reply here:

The proposal you raise like “Allow Supercapitals to be built in Lowsec and NPC Nullsec”, “CCP should stop defending structures and SOV” and “A new SOV System” I think is a nerf to large groups. The sov and structure is part of the reason why they are so good at defending their space.

can you talk more about it?

My reply is below:


It’s a long reply. I hope it gives you insight in to my thinking.

  1. The issue with large SOV fights is the servers. The servers can only handle so many people fighting at once. When there is a limit to the number of people you can have a system fighting, you have to have each person in the most effective ship they can fly. In a large SOV fight that is a titan or a supercarrier. Which means both sides need to bring supercapitals in order to have a fight within the limits of the servers.

A long persistent problem with SOV is that no new groups can independently break in to SOV because they can’t fight a large time dilation SOV fight against titans when they have no supercapitals themselves. The end result is a stagnant blue donut that is polarized in to the Imperium and the anti-Imperium. For SOV to florish we need new groups to come to SOV.

For new groups to independently compete for SOV they need a way to acquire supercapitals. If they blue someone to gain SOV so they can build them then they lose their independence. There aren’t enough supercapitals being sold on contracts to catch up to the large SOV groups. They only truely competitive way is to allow them to independently compete is by building supercapitals faster than the SOV entities can outside of SOV.

Will allowing supercapitals to be built in lowsec and NPC nullsec allow new groups to break in to SOV? Not by itself, but it is an important roadblock to remove. I don’t expect the Large SOV groups to let people build supercapitals on lowsec and NPC nullsec. There will likely be fights.

Groups being able to independently take SOV and more fights is good for the health of Eve. That’s the goal and allowing supercapitals to be built in lowsec and NPC nullsec helps with that.

  1. The reason CCP should stop defending structures in SOV is that the structure or SOV owner should do it themselves. You should live and play in the structures and SOV you own. If you have structures or SOV in a place you don’t live and play in, then someone should be able to kill it without CCP telling you.

The objective is to put a natural player enforced limit to the growth of a large SOV entity to they don’t claim more SOV or moons than they use. Your group owns a some SOV systems in Scalding Pass. This won’t affect you much because your group probably doesn’t have structures or systems your group don’t visit often. So you will notice if someone is shooting or reinforcing your structures or SOV.

The largest SOV entities have space and structures they don’t use, often in places they don’t visit. This would be similar to your group owning SOV or placing a structure in Branch on the other side of the map. You don’t live or play there, but CCP will let you know the instant someone tries to shoot it. So you can form up and go fight them and hold on to your strctures or SOV in a far away place.

Imagine if CCP wasn’t defending your structures or SOV by sending you a notification when someone was shooting it. You wouldn’t know someone is attacking your structures or SOV in Branch unless you visit. This gives a group who actually wants to live in that system an opportunity destroy the structure or SOV without you noticing.

Why is that a good thing? There are small entities that would love to own SOV, but can’t because a large SOV entity claimed and aren’t using the SOV. CCP is helping them hold it through notifications any time something happens to it. So the large SOV entity isn’t using the space at all, but CCP is helping them prevent a group from taking the SOV who will actually live and play in the system.

CCP defending structures and SOV is a huge contributor to excessively large SOV entities claiming space they don’t use. Remove CCP from defending structures and SOV and we will have more new groups in SOV making use of previously unused SOV systems. I believe that is a win for the overall health of Eve.

  1. CCP has messed up SOV. Before blackout and the many nerfs (capitals, cynos, DBS, BRM, structures, etc) the average nullsec member was making poverty isk. It was sad how little isk/hr they were making. After the nerfs they are making sub-poverty isk. So they are fleeing to better isk/hr space like highsec T6 Abyssals or Wormholes. That’s not healthy for Eve.

The issue is CCP treats all of nullsec the same. Their only tools are blanket nerfs or blanket buffs. If CCP needs to adjust Wormholes or Abyssals they can target the class of the Wormhole or the Tier of the abyssal space. The idea is to give nullsec the ability to have different levels that can individually adjusted by CCP.

Unlike Wormholes where the class is determined on a system basis, I would prefer the players have the ability to choose the level the system is. Eve has a design goal of “risk vs. reward”. In other words, the more risk you take on, the more reward you gain. The system I propose would give players the tools to change the risk/reward profile. The basis is a system with no local or structures is as unsafe as you can get. That system provides the best rewards. Some people don’t like playing without local. So they can anchor a local structure and then the system still pays well, just not as well as the system without local. If they want a structure they can anchor one, but it would lower the reward compared to a system without, or with fewer/smaller, structures.

At the systems core, it is up to the players to determine the risk/reward profile they want their space to have. Systems have a different risk/reward profile CCP can adjust the rewards individually based on the profile instead of blanket nerfs or buffs. It also creates an incentive to not spam structures which is a problem. Overall, I would like to see higher isk/hr in nullsec, and those that take on additional risk will see a level of rewards they haven’t before.

Is the system I am proposing perfect? Probably not, but the guiding principle of allowing players to customize their space to various risk/reward profiles that CCP can adjust individually will be a healthier system than SOV today. It also creates incentives for players to take risks and not spam structures.

Lastly, I want to highlight that CSM don’t get to pick the things CCP implements. The most I can do is help guide them. So my thinking and how I approach a problem is a better insight to the kind of CSM I will be than the actual positions I am advocating for.

I am totally down with changing my advocacy with new ideas and experiences. These positions and thoughts are based upon my experiences and talking with people. People tell me new things all the time and I adjust my thinking often. I want you to always feel comfortable reaching out to me.

Let me know if you have anything else I can answer!


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