Looks like WormHolers will be screwed again

So only 2 of the numerous candidates for this have any WH experience at all listed and they list them as 2 and 3 marks so very low on their priorities. Doesn’t bode well for the future of wormhole play…

just for this I wouldn’t vote for any of the current batch of candidates.


You get this is a thing people put themselves forward for? If WH’s want better representation they have to put themselves forward.

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My brother in Christ - with all due respect - what in the absolute sam hill ■■■■ are you talking about.


Mark Resureectus should be every WHers #1 vote. Your #2 vote should be myself.

I think you also need to fully understand that Factional Warfare is going to be CCP’s focus. Any WH CSM is not likely to get many changes through because CCP won’t have extra bandwidth for WHs. That doesn’t means we should give up hope or not try. A WHer CSM can advocate and prevent damage while striving to get CCP to make positive changes, but please don’t expect massive WH changes from CCP.

Should Mark and/or I get on the CSM we will do our best to advocate for WH space. While we aren’t always in lock-step, Mark and I understand and agree on many of the problem with WH space. We will tirelessly fight for WH space and for CCP to make changes to help WH space.

Please, do not get discouraged. You have very talented candidates available to you. I would love to hop on comms with your group so you can get to know me better. I am sure Mark is willing to do the same if you asked him.

No matter what, please vote. We need every single vote we can get to make it on the CSM. WH space has done it before. We can do it again.


For what it’s worth, I also have significant experience in wormholes having spent about 6 of the last 10 years in them in one form or another.

I’m not running as a wormhole candidate but I would consider myself a wormhole aligned candidate - Ithica Hawk for CSM 17

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Honestly, this looks like a solid year for WHers. I think there’s a pretty good chance you guys get somebody on.


Maybe he’s secretly from a nullblob trying to convince everyone else that they shouldn’t vote.


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