Wormholers have NO representation

There’s so much stupid ■■■■ that goes on in wormholes that could be easily solved if CCP spent anytime listening to wormholers.

Oh but look, nearly every member of the new CSM counsel (which Im supposed to be happy about) is a nullsec lord. How many wormholers? None? Wow none, yeah zero.


Ok, I’ll bite…

I loved living in a wh. No local and an exciting time every time I undocked. (there are tricks to faster undock with your own station and good placement helps)

What did they do now?

My main issue is with core garrison dread escalations, even worse in core bastions.

Subcap fleets should not be escalated by a dread landing 1000km off site. Its a braindead mechanic that only serves as a dick move.

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You tell 'em!!! And don’t hold back!!


You expected anything different? It’s not ccps fault that wormhole corps can’t come together like the brain dead masses of null to vote in a candidate. Though I do think they should do more to alleviate some of the strangle hold these blocks have on the csm.

We aren’t special though. Null sec is screwed right now, Pochven was amazing for all it’s faults but they put a match to it in one horrible patch and high sec is a snore fest. I don’t operate much in low sec but I’ve heard complaints there too.

Wormholers solve their own problems.

It’s like living off the grid in a red neck commune, armed to the teeth to fight off any government intervention, where no one can come together because you all have justified paranoia.

No wonder there is no representation. You’d pick your teeth on each others bones trying to pick even one potential CSM member.


I had a chat with a high end worm hole guy a couple of yr’s ago about if they could coordinate their efforts in a null attack. Not gonna happen in game or the CSM.

This is a problem that cannot be solved by players, its a game mechanic. CCP needs to change it.

Well, unless players choose to stop being dicks.

Seriously, be the representation. It’s clear that eve is influenced most by members of the csm. Just beat them to the position and in a good way present your ideas. Think of counter arguments that one might make against you and give them a positive to counter. Never cave. Not even a little.


:rofl: :roll_eyes:


Besides the bottom line, who has more influence than the nullsec csm?

You laugh but there have been nerfs to ships that were in no way overpowered. It was only because it was a fleet doctrine. When the majority of the player base disagrees with a change, that means it benefitted those going against the doctrine. It means they bent the knee.

CCP is going to cater to those who pay the bills. Not the CSM whatever any of them say. It’s just a good marketing ploy that gets them some publicity.

Does anyone actually do this? Wouldn’t it just be better to bring a HAW dread and kill the ratters yourself, if you wanted to dunk on subcap C5 setups with dreads?

I have a an idea, don’t worry about the CSM. They (with the exception of Mike) strike me as a bought and paid for group of people that have very little to do with what CCP is doing.
How do you go about giving a population the feeling that they have some power or control over what happens to them when you have absolutely no intention of letting them have it?
Let them think they have representatives watching out for their best interests.
Why stop there? Make it so the very process of getting representatives is profitable for you and then ignore them. That is exactly (as near as I can tell) how the CSM happens, the people with the most alts win and get one of their very own. All the big nullsec groups have to do is Plex the hell out of a bunch of characters and have them vote.
The point though is that it’s not how they get elected, it’s why, they exist as a buffer between the unwashed masses and CCP. Don’t want to hear what the mob has to say? Give them someone to yell at.

My suggestion, at least if I’m not utterly wrong about this, is that we should instead email support with our issues, all of us. Imagine if support had to wade through every single issue that the players in just this forum come up with. Then picture it catching on and the entire player base started doing it.
Wouldn’t that be fun?

Anyhow, I don’t think the CSM (aside from Mike) matters one bit in the grand scheme of things.

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What do wormholes have to do with microtransactions? How are they even relevant to the future of Eve?

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I can’t disagree. Also, save up your frigates and donate them to Mike, people.

It’s a unique and (so rare in this game) altruistic charity he’s running.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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When I 1st got on the forums, I was very bitter towards the CSM. As the years progressed and I figured out how powerless they were, I changed my mind. (what was that thd again?)

Maybe CCP might be listening again? Don’t know and the numbers wont reflect anything till Sept. Till then, fly safe!

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@Fale_Einn I think it was you who said something about Xeux and I?

I once told her the only challenge left in EVE was to guess her age…

That’s all it takes sometimes. :smirk:

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JSpace used to have excellent representation on the CSM, but the krab empires got mad and threw their toys out the pram.

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