2019 WH Space Survey - Data for CSM Summit

Hello Space friends,

The CSM Summit is next week,and we are planning on having a session purely about WH space.

If you could do me a big favor, take a couple minutes to fill out the survey linked below, also passing this along to your corp/alliances that would be greatly appreciated. Many of the questions are designed to get data that I think will be helpful for CSM/CCP and solicit feedback on ideas/concepts not yet discussed with CCP. I would like to stress that I can not promise a single thing in the survey will ever show up on TQ and everything is not necessarily my personal opinion on items either, but rather presenting a chance to get wider feedback.

It would be most helpful if you could take it by Saturday, but I will keep at eye on it afterwards as well.



Very very very interesting survey!

Survey was ok but some of the answers could have been worded differently.

Done. Good luck with all that stuff.

Thanks for thinking about wormhole changes. And lets watch how Nullbears work without their holy local

Keep up the good work.

Should Bane actually play Eve again? Check one of the following boxes

Hell yes!

That third option.

I approve. Nice to see you again Bane

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Thanks to everyone who took it. we got over 930 responses!

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Post results

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