Smth on wormholes and small corps

Hello, everyone. I would like to address CCP and CSM on some issues about wormhole space and people who live there.3 of those issues I would call an “unintended discrimination”, while issue 4 is a mechanics flaw.

First of all, as a WH player for several years, I would like to say that wormholes are a really good place. It is packed with some marvellous mechanics which strongly encourage people to live in small but very well-trained groups while discouraging big “F1-monkey” packed alliances of Nullsec space. Absence of asset safety system makes eviction lucrative and defence – a must, so many good battles happen all the time. Rattling can make a small amount of people rich in no time while big nullsec-style 23.5/7 anomaly rattling is not possible. Wormhole connections can handle only a certain mass, so PvP is at least sometimes not about who brings the bigger blob but who has greater skill and interactions inside group.

But those features of wormhole space also lead to issues I want to bring to your attention. Not all of them are WH-special, but WH entities do suffer from all of them.

First: WH representatives in the CSM

As wormholes are a distant from main game and packed with small communities it is very hard to actually push someone from there to CSM. Wormhole politics is split into blocks which mainly form on a language basis. There are Polish-speaking WHs, Czech WHs, French WHs, Russian WHs (which I am a member to), Chinese WHs and so on. In nullsec we would all be speaking English, but here we can be split like this and still be formidable despite our small numbers.

But this also make it a problem to unite and choose a representative with votes sufficient enough to overcome those for TAPI or Goonswarm candidate to the CSM. WHs are so good mechanically that rarely CCP team reaches them for a change, but it is quite sad that we do not have a voice to discuss those changes before they happen.

My opinion is that form a WH community at least one or two representatives should join CSM on a regular basis. As they can not be elected democratically, they can be not real members, but ambassadors or CSM member`s advisors or smth like that. But we want our voice heard. We own 30% of total EVE Online systems, you know :slight_smile:

Second (not really a WH, but small corp issue): Alliance tournament needs rework

Another Alliance tournament has been announced. It seems to have some WH-people present but those come from biggest entities out there. And as I said previously, wormholes are a forge of small groups of skilled pilots. I think we need to change how the tournament is formed, from numbers to skill.

My proposition: on the basis of proving grounds run a descent tournament featuring top-64 (32, 16, 1024, you name it) players or player groups after certain “season”. It will make PG-running more consistent and allow individual players and small gangs to achieve descent heights without being a part of large alliance.

Third (also small-groups rather than WHs): allow for corp logos.

Alliances can wield their banner and now even put it on their gates and citadels. And corps are limited to narrow and old-school ingame logo generator. We have great designers in our ranks, and we have a banner we use in our discords and print on our mugs. We can, of cause, create a fake corp and form small alliance, but why do we have to do that? We want to stay a corp and put our banner high. Let us do that. We can even agree not to decorate wormhole connections with it :slight_smile:

Forth (mechanical problem rather than ideological one): Moon mining in wormholes.

After Lifeblood expansion wormhole mining reached it`s renaissance. Moons in wormholes were of hybrid types – they had Nullsec-grade regular ore and Highsec-grade moon ore. Therefore, placing an Athanor was profitable, but not hyperprofitable and I even had a Rorqual and 2 Hulks on my three accounts. Now after rebalancing only highsec moon ores remain and noone with any sanity will mine that while you have highsec moons present. So, moon mining died entirely here.

Meanwhile we have gravitational anomalies and gas sites present. And both of them are much more secure then your usual moon mining. Why? Because ships for gas harvesting (Prospects with optional Porpoise support) are cheap and easily replaceable, and gravitational anomalies can`t tell any PvP searchers that they can find targets here (while Athanor with moving stone is a good reason to offline a small fleet here for a day or two).

So, I presume that WH moons need a change. Make them valuable. Make them spray gases instead of moon materials. Fill them with Talocan relics so we can produce T3 salvage out of them. They do not need to be extra-profitable, but at least worthwhile. Make WH Rorquals dying again!

Well, it’s a good thing you guys have Exookiz on the CSM. He’s extremely knowledgeable, advocates for the good of the game (even when it might cost him votes), managed to impress other CSM members, and sets a new bar for…

-Womp womp womp womp

What’s that now?

-Womp womp womp.

Oh, I see.

-Womp womp womp womp, womp womp womp.

So worm holers could consistently elect at least one rep to the CSM by taking advantage of the main benefit of the STV voting system, but don’t because of… reasons.

I don’t know what to say. So, I’m just going to leave now.

He lost this year. He was close to winning but he lost.

Oh, I see.

How dare you

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