Public Wormhole Townhall - 4 June @ 20:00 UTC


With the upcoming CSM elections and the lack of a wormhole round table at FanFest, I have decided to host a wormhole town hall. A lot of you feel like W-space has been neglected over the past year and I agree with you. But we have seen all kinds of things added to Eve that affect us more than perhaps intended. So this is our chance to have our concerns and issues recorded and codified so that any CSM that is willing can carry them forwards to CCP and hopefully gain a greater understanding of the threats to our day to day existence as wormholers.

Here’s a little list of the rough topics that will be discussed: (these are subject to change)

  • Recap of the changes in wormhole space over the last year
  • PvE – How about revamping those C4 sites eh? +ore anomalies etc.
  • Scanning, Exploration, & Unique WH Features – Nothing has changed in years, should it?
  • PvP – Cap brawling is long dead, how is the rest going?
  • Battleships and Balance – How are marauders faring and should anything change?
  • Structures and Evictions
  • Your topic here! – There will be time for more open discussion.

Format: Town Hall Style - All wormholers welcome to come. For those new to Town Hall formats, there will be some speakers at the start of the town hall and then the floor will open to speakers on each topic in turn. Depending on numbers these speakers may be chosen randomly to aid in session length. Once Topics are exhausted then we will transition to a Open topic where any further speakers may say their peace.

Date: Saturday June 4th 20:00 Eve time

Duration: 20:00-22:00 Eve Time.

Location: Foxholers Discord

So this is your 1 week heads up! Feel free to prepare something in advance and have it ready to present. If you want to send me anything to check out before the meeting you can Eve mail myself or Ashy.

  • Teddy Gbyc

I missed this party, and that makes me sad.
I am curious on how it went, how well attended it was, and if the organizers have any follow-on plans for these sort of events.
Did you guys have somebody either recording the session (Twitch VOD perhaps?), or writing down topics and summaries from the speakers? Are there any presentations from the event that can be shared?

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